1997, № 5


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Batygin Yu.V., Bondarenko A.Yu. Relation between tangent components of pulse electromagnetic

field vectors at a surface of fine-wall conductor____________________________________________ 3

Kuchaev A.A. Simulation of three-dimensional electromagnetic field of ladle-furnace set with

induction stirring of liquid steel__________________________________________________________ 5

Shinkarenko V.F. Directed generation methods of electromechanical object structures with application

of topological transformations of simulation space__________________________________________ 10

Conversion of electrical energy parameters

Fediy V.S. Power accumulation in reactive elements of a series RLC-circuit at alternating

voltage source supply___________________________________________________________________ 16

Pyanych B.E. Zone control in direct converters with a single modulation_________________________ 22

Isakov V.N., Voitekh V.A., Isakov G.V. Variable -frequency asynchronous electric drives with

current stabilization in power circuits_______________________________________________________ 27

Tereschenko T.A. Difference equations solution by symmetric conversion of discrete functions________ 31

Electromechanical energy conversion

Afonin A.A., Grebenikov V.V., Tseznevsky P. Electromechanical systems of linear motion with

distributed commutator______________________________________________________________ 35

Bogoslavsky Yu.M., Prokofiev Yu.A., Do Nguen Hyng. Simulation of asynchronous states in a station

containing STG and ASTG_______________________________________________________________ 42

Voitenko V.A. Application of experimental amplitude - frequency characteristics for identification of double -

mass mechanical parameters_________________________________________________________ 48

Electrical power systems and installations

Baranov V.L., Baranov G.L., Komarenko E.Yu. Analog-to-system simulation of electric power

installations by multicriteria graph problems of parametrical programming solution___________________ 53

Perkhach V.S., Gudim V.I., Skripnik O.I., Gorjachko V.I., Romashko S.M. Mathematical model of

dynamic electromagnetic circle in circuit - nodal coordinates____________________________________ 58

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Tankevich E.M. About state and problems of metrological provision of current measurements of

electric power installations________________________________________________________________ 62

Novik A.I. Balanced systems of precision speed of response single - parameter bridges of

alternating current____________________________________________________________________ 65

Kononenko A.G., Kromplyas B.A., MasjurenkoYu.A., Nizhensky A.D., Sidorchuk V.E. High - accurate

ultrasonic liquid flowmeter with superposed transducers________________________________________ 70

Sebko V.P., Sirenko N.N., Chin Thi To Oan. Single-frequency two-parameter monitoring of sylindrical

ferromagnetic devices____________________________________________________________________ 75

Abstracts___________________________________________________________________________ 79