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2001, No 5


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

MYSLOVICH M.V., SHULGA V.G.Wave-left functions for signals processing which accompany

electrotechnical equipment operation________________________________________________________ 3

MATVIJCHUK Ya.M.,OLIVA O.V. Numerical method of chopping oscillator model synthesis_____________ 7

PODOLTSEV A.D., KUCHERYAVAYA I.N. Computer simulation and analysis of irregularity of

current density and temperature distribution in a volume of luminous radiation semiconductor structure__10

BOZHKO I.V., PETUKHOV I.S., RASCHEPKIN A.P. About electric field strength of a particle discharges

beginning in a rigid insulation_____________________________________________________________ 18

FAL'KOVSKY N.I., BELINSKY V.V. Weak-current aftercorona arc discharge_________________________ 23

GORISLAVETS Yu.M., GLUKHEN'KY A.I. Electromagnetic pressure in devices for liquid metals
micrometering_________________________________________________________________________ 28

Conversion of electric energy parameters

PETERGERJA Yu.S., SOBOLEV A.V. Application of a geometrical approach to analysis of the processes

in matrix converters___________________________________________________________________ 33

FEDIY V.S., NAMESTNIK S.G. Beats in a series RLC-circuit with inductive circuit switch________________ 37

control systems of mines turbomechanisms drives parameters at an autonomous source supply_______ 42

Electromechanical energy conversion

SZYMCZAK P., SHINKARENKO V.F. Principles of construction and genetic classification of generating

frames of electric motors with inverse motion of mobile parts____________________________________ 45

PETRUSHIN V.S., YAKIMETS A.M. Investigation of power indices of asynchronous motors in

dynamic modes at parametrical control_____________________________________________________ 50

Electrical power systems and installations

STOGNIY B.S., SOPEL M.F., AGAMALOV O.N. Diagnostics of analogue automatic controllers

of synchronous motors excitation with application of microprocessor recorders of accident processes____ 53

TVERDJAKOV V.V. Determination of powerful synchronous generators parameters by means of

frequency characteristics__________________________________________________________________ 57

ZINOVKIN V.V., LJUTY A.P., ZINOVKIN M.V. Analysis of economic damage in power supply systems

of power capacitive industrial plants________________________________________________________ 60

Electrical and magnetic measurements

BURBELO M.I., KRAVETS A.N. A quasibalanced bridge circuit for four-elements two-terminals

parameters measurement_______________________________________________________________ 64

KUTS Yu.V. Measurement of cumulative phase shifts___________________________________________ 67


News from Highest Certifying Commssion of Ukraine___________________________________________ 73

Abstracts ____________________________________________________________________________ 78