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Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

ZYRKA S.E., MOROZ Y.I., MOROZ E.Y. Inverse model of magnetic hysteresis 3

Conversion of electric energy parameters

OLESCHUK V., GRIVA G., PRUDEAK R., SIZOV A. Dual inverters with synchronized PWM for photovoltaic generation 8
BOIKO V.S., KUDRIA E.A., SHULIAK A.A. Harmonic analysis of the currents of capacitors of the cascade compensation conversion system 14

Electromechanical energy conversion

MAZURENKO L.I., ROMANENKO V.I. Mathematical model of asynchronous generator with valve excitation based on cut-and-try approach 19
POPOVYCH O.M. Mathematical model of the asynchronous machine of electromechanotronic system for simulation and structure modelling 25
VASKOVSKY Y.M., TYTKO O.I. Mathematical modelling of electrophysical processes in the damaged connecting bus of rotor winding of the turbogenerator 33
АNTONOV A.E., PETUCHOV I.S. Losses by eddy current in slotless electrical machine windsng 38
ZAGIRNIAK M.V., SHVEDCHYKOVA I.A. Genetic synthesis of magnetic separator structures 43
OSADCHY V.V. Speeding of electromechanical multicomponent weight dosing system 48

Information-measuring systems in power engineering

BRAHYNETS I.A., ZAITSEV E.A., KONONENKO A.H., MASIURENKO Y.A., NYZHENSKY A.D. Application of quasioptimal filtration in frequency-phase laser ranging system 54
MAZMANIAN R.O. 2-D monitoring data processing of magnetic flows in the diagnostic systems of electrical machines 59
LEVYTSKY A.S., NOVYK A.I. Error estimation of shaft beat measurement by capacitive sensors in electrical machines 66
NAZAROVA N.S., DIORDIYCHUK V.V., VINNYCHENKO D.V. Information complex for automated control system of discharge-pulse castings filtration technology 71

To the 60th anniversary of corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine SHCHERBA A.A 77

Abstracts 78
RULES of presentation of the papers 80

Institute of Electrodynamics, 2010