1994, 5-6


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Zinchenko T.R., RaschepkinA.P. Inductor's operation in stabilized current mode___________________ 3

Minakov E.A., Mikhajlov V.M. Flux extension from the cylinder's surface in the given magnetic

field induction__________________________________________________________________________ 6

Electric energy parameters conversion

Pivovarov L. V., Borisov B.P., Maslovsky VA. Correction methods study of linear inductor magnetic field __9

Mostoyyak I.V, Mostovyak D.l. Ideality conditions of parametric multi-ports______________________ 15

Shidlovskaya N.A. Higher harmonics in the electric sinusoidal current circuits with the both nonlinear

resistive load and inductance____________________________________________________________ 18

Electromechanical energy conversion

Afonin A.A., Grebenikov V.V. Electrodynamics sys­tems of the increased fast-acting_______________ 23

Asanbayev V.N., Babyak A.A., Saratov V.A., Strikharchuk D.K. Turbo-generators of various type in

conditions of the thermal power stations of the sugar-mills______________________________________30

Chaban V. Design principle of the parametric sensitivities model of the electric generators with

solid rotor____________________________________________________________________________33

Klepikov V.B., Gool A.1. Multidimensional para­metric optimization of three-tuple integrating

digi-talanalogue electric drive systems for soundness maximum__________________________________37

Shinkarenko V.F. Structures directed synthesis of the electromechanical objects with travelling field

in terms of graphic data bases____________________________________________________________41

Vaskovsky Yu.N. Simulation algorithms of synchronous electric generators dynamic processes

in terms of electromagnetic field analysis_____________________________________________________46

Pisanko V. V, Osadchy V. V, Adolfo Mendosa Plata. Temperature monitoring automatization of melted

metal into electric melting unit with discrete elect­ric drive and microprocessor control adoption__________51

Kuchinsky K.A. Temperature pattern distribution in solid rotors active section of turbo-motors of

12500 kWt starting power______________________________________________________________ 54

Naumov V.F. Hybrid self-excited system for the power generators________________________________ 59

Stolbov B.M., Bazhanova V.A. Sluggish energy integrator with combined functions of motor-

generator and rotor-flywheel______________________________________________________________ 66

Electric energy systems and installations

Kens Yu.A., Zhurakhivsky A.V. Steady-state condi­tions of 6-35 kV capacitor banks at inside

capa­citor fault________________________________________________________________________ 72

Levitsky V.G. Solution procedure automatization of control and design numerical problems in

ener­getics___________________________________________________________________________ 78

Samoty V.V. Ferromagnetic frequencydoubler design by mathematical modelling____________________82

Malkov A.N., Khmelevsky P.M., Onanko A.F., Pogorely L.G. Interferences experimental study

into relay-protection channel of 750 kV high-voltage power line at short circuit_________________________ 85

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Sebko V.P., Nguen Hoang Ngy, Sirenko N.N., Nguen Lam Dong. Parameters design of transit

eggy-current converter with flat plate__________________________________________________________ 89

Iyuhin V.I. Multiple constant faults localization in complex magneto-measuring systems__________________ 93

Index of papers for 1994 ___________________________________________________________________ 97