1994, № 2


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Tchemeris V.T. Influence of fast-varying magnetic field on electrical conducting particles

motion in gas-dust medium___________________________________________________________ 3

Electric energy parameters conversion

Pyvnyak G.G., Vypanasenko S.L, Kovalev A.P. New principles of frequency converter

control in contact-free transport system__________________________________________________ 8

Lipkovsky K.A., Modzarovsky A.G., Khalikov V.A. Comparative analysis of'the

elemental transformer switching final-control structures_____________________________________ 11

Puzakov A.V., Baranov A.M. Widely regulating DC-to-DC converters design on two-section basis__ 16

Senko V.I., Kalinichenko A.P., Lebedenko S.A., Fan Kuok-Zoong, Font Kuang Ving.

New algorithms of three-level PWM and their combined application for 3-phase inverters with

neutral point________________________________________________________________________ 21

Leporsky V.D., Lukash N.P., Kho Duk Lok. Digital systems synthesis of autocontrol excited

synchro­nous generators with the given spectrum__________________________________________ 27

Komarov N.S., Rudenko Yu.V., Lisimov O.P.
Asymmetric operation of half-bridge magneto-transistor generator_____________________________ 31

Shidlovskaya N.A. Current resonance in the circuit with the nonlinear resistive load______________ 36

Ovcharenko AA., Yurchenko O.N., Skidanov V.M., Pavlov V.B., Rychkov V. A.

Analysis of pulse transis­ tor converter operation ___________________________________________ 42

Electromechanical energy conversion

Styazhkin V.P., Isakov V.N. Parametric forming of mechanical characteristics of asynchronous

motor with phase-wound rotor _________________________________________________________ 46

Asanbayev V.N., Babyak A. A., Saratov VA., Strikharchuk D.K. Improvement in the

effectiveness of heat power stations at industrial plants _____________________________________ 51

Lutskiv M.M., Kylany S. Pulse tracking drive for combining of technological operations ___________ 54

Electric energy systems and installations

Danko A.V., Mostovyak l.V, Novikova O.I. Application of method of zero, positive and nega

tive sequences symmetric systems_____________________________________________________ 58

Varetzky Yu.0., Ravlik O.M., Bakhor Z.M. Features of simulating the processes at faults

to ground in 6-35 V circuits with insulated neutral___________________________________________ 61

Nedzelsky I.S. Comparison of power grid models constructed on the basis of overlapping classic
principle and overlapping principle when fictitious emf is brought in power grid passive circuit units____64

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Popov V.Yu. Influence of potential electrodes thickness on four-electrode jig metric mesh

cons­ tant___________________________________________________________________________66

Brief reports

Shadlovsky I.A., Zrazhevsky Yu.M. Leakage currents of electric transport power circuit

with inductive energy transmission_______________________________________________________71

Petrushin V.S., Wilbert Laurence. Asynchronous motor characteristics in a system consists

of thyristor converter electric drive and asynchronous motor with a feedback by rotational speed______74

Scientific and technical information

"ELETTRICJTA SICURA". 1st Exhibition of safe electric material______________________________ 78