1995, No 6


Electrodynamics of electrical pover devices

Balakirev V.A., Gladkov V.S., Sotnikov G.V. Excitation of Zenneck waves along the sea-surface

by aperture of planar waveguide_________________________________________________________ 3

Conversion of electric energy parameters

Baranov A.N., Glazkov V.G., Puzakov A.V. Calcula­tion of the ripple filters of pulse converters on

the basis of prototypes-Chebyshev and Kauer filters________________________________________ 7

Shidlovskaia N.A. Calculation of alternating current circuits with three nonlinear elements___________ 12

Halikov V.A., Mozharovskii A.G. Commutation of booster transformer without transient mode in

the primary winding____________________________________________________________________ 17

Electromechanical energy conversion

Verbovoi P.F., C’anov A.M., Zelenyi B.G., Sheiko A.A. Asynchronous motors with external

cast iron rotors_____________________________________________________________________ 21

Pivovarov L.V., Lazarenko A.Ja., Iagupets Iu.I. Dynamic characteristics of piston compressor with

solenoidal electric drive_______________________________________________________________ 24

Chaban V., Kovivchak Ia. Mathematical simulation of the damping system of electrical machines______ 32

Pentegov I.V., Rymar S.V. Method of determination of transformer iron loss for using in

automated design systems ______________________________________________________________ 35

Lazarev V.L., Soroka M.V. Critical loads of conductor lying-down in transformer windings.

Windings made from subdivided PBP-typewire ____________________________________________ 41

Electrical power systems and installations

Slesarev V.V. Formation of algorithmic circuits for the problem of load-regulator control ______________ 44

Proske D., Hummel M., Kirilenko A. Means of description for development of the open control

systems for distribution substations in electrical networks_______________________________________ 47

Varetskii Iu.O., Bahor Z.M. Overvoltage across the thyristors of static compensators while outwardly

short-circuited to ground________________________________________________________________ 52

Minguan Liu. Analysis of the correlation dependence for overvoltage across phase-to-phase and

phase-to-ground insulation_______________________________________________________________ 55

Tverdiakov V.V., Svirid A.S. Development of dispatcher counsellor for planned routine switchings________ 58

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Kizilov V.U., Lazurenko A.P. Pashchenko M.Iu. Static error of analogue signal multiplier of the
525PS2 type
and computation units built around it __________________________________________ 62
Volokhov S.F., Ivleva L.F.
Improvement of primary inductive converter magnetic moment ___________66
Sebko V.P., Chepkov V.V., Iakimenko Iu.Ju., Vyong Bin
Zyong, Do Dyk Nguen. Determination
of magnetisation
curves for open-chain weakly magnetic specimens____________________________70

Scientific and technical information

Symposiums, conferences_____________________________________________________________
Index of papers in
a year 1995_________________________________________________________76