1995 № 3


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Lupikov V.S., Sokolov A.A. Resolving a static magnetic field of ferromagnetic blank

into some components_________________________________________________________________ 3

Bortkevich S.P., Kravets I.A., Matvienko O.V. Numerically-analytical simulation of the processes in the

magnetic pulse installation with plane inductor and moving disk_____________________________________ 6

Balakirev V.A., Gladkov V.S., Sotnikov G.V. Excitation of electromagnetic waves along the sea-surface

by concentrated sources________________________________________________________________ 9

Conversion of electric energy parametrs

Boiko V.S., Boiko V.V., Yurchenko N.N. Parametric stabilization of rectified voltage in the compensated

converters ____________________________________________________________________________ 12

Mitkovski S. Estimation of the nonlinear circuit state by the means of differential inequalties____________ 16

Ostapchuk T.B., Puzakov A.V., Semenova O.V. Gain in efficiency of procedure for analysis of electro­
magnetic processes in the pulse converters__________________________________________________

Samotii V.V. Analysis of steady modes of single-phase thyristor frequency multiplier___________________ 22

Electromechanical energy conversion

Afonin A.A., Kislenko V.I., Grebennikov V.V., Babenko S.V., Ozeryanskii A.A., Pashkov N.I. Electric drive

based on end-type electrical motor with permanent magnets____________________________________ 25

Vaskovskii Yu.N., Dynnik L.N. Mathematical simulation of double-sided magnetoelectric converters_______29

Kuzmin V.V., Yurieva E.Yu. The ways of improve­ment in operating characteristics of the cynchronic


Shaitor N.M. Calculation of dynamic charac­teristics of electric drive waveguide by finite

element method________________________________________________________________________36

Volchukov N.P. Mathematical model of self-contained alternating current electric machine system ______40

Electrical power systems and installations

Asanbaev V.N., Saratov V.A., Fedorenko G.M. Increase in reliability and effeciency of power-generating

renits of the nuclear power plants by means of asynchronous turbo-generators______________________46

Zhuravskaia I.N., Miroshnichenko L.N., Zakrevskii S.I. High-frequency high voltage transformers with

given inherent parameters________________________________________________________________ 49

Miniailo O.S., Pokrovskii K.B. Operation of the power unit with induction turbo-generator ASTG-200 in

asynchronous mode______________________________________________________________________ 53

Kozarev N.H. Higher harmonics in the 20 kV aerial distribution networks while short-circuited

to ground_____________________________________________________________________________ 58

Dzhuvarly Ch.M., Dmitriev E.V., Gashimov A.M., Rustamov S.A. Algorithm of calculation of short-

circuit current approach to zero and restoring voltages between the contacts of switches________________ 62

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Savoliuk A.M. Application of capacitive detectors with electrodes covered with dielectric in the level indicators_____________________________________________________________________________ 67

Scientific and technical information

Lipkovskii K.O., Halikov V.A., Osadchuk A.S. The alternating voltage stabilizer of industrial frequency

50 Hz, 220 V___________________________________________________________________________ 72

Chemeris V.T. Computational and control system for the study of motion of dynamic objects______________ 72

Chronicle, information

In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Professor Volodymir CKuznetsov, Associate
Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine_________________________________________ 74