1995, No 1


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Filts R.V., Makarchuk O.V. Mathematical simulation of the electromagnetic processes in the rod

of the short-circuited windin_____________________________________________________________3

Gamaleja R.V., Kuedva Yu.V. Algorithms for calculation of magnetic field and stresses acting on

ferromagnetic particles in the effective area of the roll electromagnetic separators____________________8

Electric energy parameters conversion

Sinchuk O.N., Beridze T.M., Artachevich N.M. Analysis of the influence of pulse-thyristic voltage control

of the tie-rod electric drives on high-frequency communication equipments_________________________13

Shidlovskaja N.A. The resonance in the circuits with the nonlinear inductance and resistive load_________19

Electromechanical energy conversion

Gluhivsky L.I., MalarV.S., Hi M.V. The electromagnetic parameters of the nort-

engegement biased non-explicit pole synchronous motor______________________________________ 25

Lesnik V.A., |Farenuk A.P.,'BroAetsky I.P. Optimization of the start -mode of induction motors in

the autonomous systems of limited power__________________________________________________ 29

Chaban V.I., Dmitrishin O. Mathematical simula­tion of the electromagnetic field in the explicit-

pole electric motors____________________________________________________________________ 33

Gentkovsky Z., Demenko A., Plahta B. Circuit-field analysis of the electromagnetic processes iri an
automous induction generator___________________________________________________________ 37

Vaskovsky Yu.N. The development of the numerical simulation methods for dinamic processes

in the electromechanical energy converters__________________________________________________ 47

Volchukov N.P. Scattering inductance of stator win­ ding for multy-phase synchronous motors_________ 50

Dzvonkovsky N. The reliability of generators for the industrial termal power stations operating in

the seasonal mode _____________________________________________________________________ 55

Electric energy systems and installations

Stoginiy B.S., Dentin A.E., Kuznetsov A.V. Methods and concepts of metrological supply or current

and voltage measuring channels in the power industry _________________________________________ 59

Kurenny E.G., Dmitrieva E.N., Abu Siam S. State and development way of the voltage oscillation

normalizing ______________________________________________________________________________ 63

Kirilenko A.V., Butkevich A.F., Pavlovsky V.V. Expert procedures for diagnostics in the flexible control

of the power networks in an emergency ______________________________________________________ 66

Kozarev N.H. An opportunity for transmission the supplementary signals over the mean

voltage air lines ___________________________________________________________________________ 73

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Hlystov V.M., Yandylky A.S. An optimum period of the power loss telemeasurement in the power

networks _____________________________________________________________________________ 76

Information for authors_________________________________________________________________ 79

To the memory of Boris Pavlovich Borisov_____________________________________________________ 80