1996 2


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

VolokhovSA., DobrodeevP.N., Meva L.F., Kildishev A.V. Space harmonic analysis of external magnetic

field of industrial entity___________________________________________________________________ 3

Bondina N.N., MikhailovV.M., Rainin V.E. Electric current distribution and contraction resistance in

conductive plate with two lateral cut-outs____________________________________________________ 9

RybalkoA.V., GrichukD.M., PostolakiNA. On the correlation between electrical energy parameters of
pulse and mass of metal surfaces an increase in cathode in electric spark alloying___________________ 13

Conversion of electric energy parameters

SokolE.F, Shipillo V.P. Formation of finite duration processes from integral mean of output coordinate____ 17

Gohibev K.FMethod of calculation filters for pulse alternative voltage converters_____________________21

Fedii V.S. Energy storage in a capacitor of series LC-circuit being fed from alternative voltage source_____ 25

Bondartnkb V.M., Abidov S.T., Kashpirovskii O.I., Tsesliv O. V. Calculation of rectifier circuits by

numerical methods based on rational franction approximation____________________________________ 30

Boiko V.S., Boiko V.V., PotiazhehkoIA., Iurchenko N.N. Determination of the conditions for diode

compensated rectifier transition going to the reoperation mode of rectifying elements___________________35

Gorbachev M.N. The peculiarities of the calculation of power of reactive elements for compensated

controlled bridge rectifier considered as a current source_________________________________________ 39

Shidlovskaia NA. Influence of nonlinear elements on the parameters of two-ports____________________ 46

Electromechanical energy conversion

Gentkovski Z. Transistor exited induction generator in the system of guaranteed power supply__________ 49
Naumov V.F. Application of stability region boundary to the diagnostics of the systems meant for

automatic control exitation of power generator__________________________________________________ 55

Electrical power systems and installations

ButkevichA.F., KirilenkoA.V., LevitsMV-G., All-Azzy A.N. Subdivision of the complex electrical circuits

into subcircuits according to given criteria______________________________________________________ 59

BekbudovRS. On the synthesis of multicircuit positional systems with low-damped final

control element ________________________________________________________________________ 63

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Dunets B. V. Classification and outlook of application of measuring functional converters _________________ 67

KaganovZ.K. Determination of the complex parameters of one-and two-ports________________________ 70

Scientific and technical information

ZatiaganA.V., Kozhuchko G.M. Light in the Ukraine______________________________________________75