1997, 3


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

DENISJUK V.P.. MARCHENKO B.G. About distribution functions and density of distributions

approach by trigonometric polynomials and trigonometric splines _____________________________ 3

KRIKUNOV Yu. V. Capacitive screens for voltage distribution equalization along insulation

constructions of high -. Voltage measuring devices_________________________________________ 6

DEGTYAREV V.V. Dipole component measurement of external electromagnetic field of

electrotechnical devices and determination of its diagram parameters_________________________ 10

NOVIKOVA O.N., LIZANETS V.V. Influence of distributed inductance nonlinearity on a

transient process in aline_____________________________________________________________ 13

Conversion of electric energy parameters

SCHERBA A.A., MOSTOVYAK I.V., MARTYNENKO M.A. Ideal two-port in electric pulse

system circuit for deterministis load____________________________________________________ 15

SKIDANOV V.M. Control by the semiconductor converters of transport electric drives in a

function of predetermined voltage and DC traction motor speed______________________________ 18

ROMANETS RA, KHMELEV A.G. Control algorithm of inverter with ladder type ripple filter__________25

KLINGER K. Models elaboration and electric drive systems simulation_________________________ 30

Electromechanical energy conversion


OSTAPCHUK L.B., SARATOV VA, FINK A.F., VAS'KOVSKY Yu.N. Investigations eview

in the field of induction and asynchronized turbo-generators creation of big power (to the 90-th

anniversary of professor I.M.Postnikov)__________________________________________________ 35

VOLKOV I.V., LESNIK VA., GUBAREVICH V.N., CHIZHENKO A.I. Investigation of parametrical

self-excitation process of asynchronous generator (AG)_____________________________________ 41

VAS'KO P.F. Mathematical model of electromechanical system of wind-driven electric plant for

mechanical transient processes computation______________________________________________44

VERBOVOY P.F. Characteristics improvement and efficiency increase of asynchronous motors


SARATOV VA, TCHEREMISOV I.Ya. Magnetic circuit parameters influence on the main indices

of turbo-generator in synchronous and asynchronous operating conditions_______________________56

VERBOVOYA.P. Procedure of inductive impedance determination of winding dissipation of induction


SHURUB VA., SHURUB Yu.V. Analysis of connection circuit and calculation of capacitive asynchronous

motor with sectionalized winding_________________________________________________________64

VOLOCHOV S.A., DOBRODEEV P.N. Influence of dynamic rotor eccentricity on external magnetic

fields of electric motors_________________________________________________________________67

Electrical powei systems and installations

YANDULSKY A.S. Simulation of message delivery process in integrated data network ICS____________72

Electrical and magnetic measurements

DUNAETS B.V. Errors investigation of functional transducers with one-level correction_______________77