1998, № 3


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

BOEV V.M. Electromagnetic field computation in a two-layer non-linear space___________________ 3

DIKMAROVA L.P. Electromagnetic field parameters computation of an underground pipe-line

for rust protection control problems____________________________________________________ 10

BARANOV M.I. An approximate mathematical model describing edge effect in a thin metal

round jacket compressed by a strong pulse magnetic field pressure__________________________ 14

DEGTJAREV V.V. Dot magnetometric method of dipoie magnetic moments determination

of external magnetic field sources_____________________________________________________ 19

PRUMAK M.V. Linear random fields with an interval resultant field____________________________ 24

BALAKIREV V.A., SIDEL'NIKOV G.L. Electromagnetic pulse propagation along a guide

impedance plane___________________________________________________________________ 26

GORISLAVETS Yu.M. Computation features of electromagnetic parameters

of submerged-resistor induction furnaces________________________________________________ 30

Conversion of electric energy parameters

VOLKOV I.V., PAVLOV V.B., SKIDANOV V.M., YURCHENKO O.N. Conception and control

means of storage batteries capacity____________________________________________________ 33

SHIDLOVSKAYA N.A., KRAVCHENKO O.P. Analysis of photocell — non-linear load circuit_________ 36

SHCHERBAK Ya..A. Low-frequency non-canonic harmonics compensation of a thyristor rectifier

in a closed structure_________________________________________________________________ 39

Electromechanical energy conversion

ANTONOV A.E. Determination of angle rotor coordinates of two-coordinate electric motor

by means of light fields_______________________________________________________________ 43

VERBOVOY A.P., VERBOVOY P.F. Operation features and determination methods of asynchronous

motors utilization in working conditions___________________________________________________ 46

Electrical power systems and installations


Ukraine and Moldova electric power systems operation efficiency increase______________________ 50

BUTKEVICH A.F. Representation and synthesis of computative knowledge for supervisory

control problems solution in electrical power engineering_____________________________________ 52

AVRAMENKO V.N. About index and survivability specification of electric power system_____________ 58

GOGOLIUK P.P., SEGEDA M.S. Mathematical modelling of transient processes of power

networks with valve elements and dynamic load____________________________________________ 60

SHLEPNEV S.V., OZHEREL'EV I.D. Ferrohydrodynamic indicator operation optimization of a

short circuit current___________________________________________________________________ 63

Electrical and magnetic measurements

TANKEVICH E.N., YAKO VLEVA I.V. Implementation of a digital method of network voltage

frequency measurement in measuring means of power consumption characterictics_______________ 65

LUPIKOV V.S., ZACHEPA Yu.A. Automatic compensation of a noise carrier field signal of a supply

cable at magnetic moment measurement of electrical equipment_______________________________ 70


KITAEV A.V., Dispute reasons on transformer behaviour description_____________________________ 74


VTVAT ACADEMIYA, VTVAT PROFESORE! ________________________________________________ 77

ABSTRACTS_________________________________________________________________________ 79