1999, 4


SHIDLOVSKY A.K. The word for reader_________________________________________________ 3

Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

MIKHAILOV V.M., PANASENKO O.T. Pulse current distribution and integral characteristics

of a work-coil current wire-plate system_________________________________________________ 4

LUPIKOV V.S. A structural analysis of electric circuits magnetic moment_______________________9

SHUMILOV Yu.N., NETCHVOLOD N.K., RATSLAV V.V. Preliminary mechanical load influence

on an electric strength of a high-voltage glass-reiforced plastic_______________________________16

Conversion of electric energy parameters

VOLKOV I.V. A new conception of power circuits construction of variable-frequency asynhronous

electric drives______________________________________________________________________ 21

PERESADA S.M. A generalized theory of inderect vector control by an asynchronous motor. Part II__ 26 TCHIZHENKO A.I., GUBAREVICH V.N., VYDOLOB Yu.F. A rectifier with thyristor-capacitor

switching poins_____________________________________________________________________ 32

MALYAR A., KUTSYK A. Efficiency investigation of a stochastic stabilization method of a separator

active power_______________________________________________________________________ 36

Electromechanical energy conversion

MARCHENKO B.G., MYSLOVICH M.V. Diagnostics theory of generating units by rotatable nodes

deviation and its practical applicatior for Diesel-electrical generators. Part IV_____________________ 40

POPOVICH A.N. A mathematical model for an asynchronous motor performance computation

taking iron losses into consideration_____________________________________________________ 46

SHURUB Yu.V. A mathematical model of an asynchronous capasitor engine with a thyristor control___52 MAZURENKO L.I. Electromagnetic processes analysis at an asynchronous valve generator


KAPUSTIN G.V, FINKEL'SHTEIN V.K., TCHEBANJUK V.K. A longitudinal current in

a short-circuited rotor magnetic core_____________________________________________________ 60

Electrical and magnetic measurements

LEZHOEV R.S. Capasitive puckups investigation of angular displacements with cylinder electrodes___ 66 EVDOKIMENKO Yu.L., KHIZHNYAK V.V. Theoretical bases of algorithmic presentation of a spectral

density estimation of frequency standards fluctuations on the basis of inderect measurements_______ 69

GONCHAR V.V., KARPINSKY N.P., PAZDRIY I.R., TREMBACH R.B. A goniophotometrical system

with computers application______________________________________________________________ 71

KONDRATOV V.T. Systematic errors correction at a power function of a transducer conversion_______ 74