2001, No 6


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

SURZHIK T.V. Quasipotentials method for computation problems of temperature state

of non-homogeneous media which are heated by stationary electric current ______________________ 3

BOIKO N.I., BONDINA N.N., LEVCHENKO E.V., MIKHAILOV V.M. Flow application for analysis

of fields influence on polarized bodies ____________________________________________________ 6

VOLKOV I.V., KONDRATENKO I.P., RASCHEPKIN A.P. Magnetohydrodynamic processes in

continuous-casting moulds with mixers of double frequency supply ______________________________ 11

FAL'KOVSKY N.I., BELINSKY V.V. Power distribution in a channel of weak current

high-voltage discharge____________________________________________________________________15

ARISTOV Yu.V., BOZHKO I.V. About an inverse corona effect and possibilities of its practical

application_________________________________________________________________________ 20

IGNATJEV I.G. Electrodynamic stability of coaxial cylinders_______________________________________ 24

Conversion of electric energy parameters

ZHEMEROV G.G., KRYLOV D.S. Harmonics in a network current of a compensative controllable

rectifier________________________________________________________________________________ 26

KOROTEEV I.E., ZHUIKOV V.Ya., PETERGERJA Yu.S. Conditions of chaotic modes existence

in electric circuits with key elements______________________________________________________ 31

Electromechanical energy conversion

DEGTEV V.G., LAVRUK I.S. Directed windings synthesis in a prescribed number of slots_____________ 39

Electrical power systems and installations

ZHARKIN A.F. Sinusoidality distortion of currents and voltages curves in low voltage networks

at different utilization values of a supplying transformer________________________________________ 43

VAS'KO P.F. Computation of technical efficiency indices of wind-electric plants application by the results

of the hour measurements of wind velocity___________________________________________________45

LJUTY A.P. Electromagnetic compatibility estimation at random voltages asymmetry in power networks____50

Electrical and magnetic measurements


ORNATSKY I.A. High-accurate pulse laser ranger____________________________________________56

MONASTYRSKY Z.Ya. Simplified extrapolated balancing of digital extreme AC bridges__________________61

GRINEVICH F.B., MELESCHUK D.V. Special features andmetrotogical characteristics of platinum

thermal converters of resistance________________________________________________________ 66

BURBELO M.I. Parameters differentiation of spectral supports and compensative-bridge circuits for

their measurement_____________________________________________________________________ 69

SHUMKOV Yu.S. Estimation of dynamic characteristics determination error of linear analogue devices_____ 72

Scientific and technical information

The X International Scientific School_______________________________________________________ 77

INDEX of papers in 2001_______________________________________________________________ 78