2001, No 3


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

ZIRKA S.E., MOROZ Yu.L, KHRUSCH V.K. Final-differential circuits of equations solution

of a thin sheet magnetodynamics__________________________________________________________ 3

RUZHENTSEV I.V., KHMEL S.I., CHUMACHENKO S.V. Volumetric diaphragms system difraction

of electromagnetic waves in a rectangular waveguide _________________________________________ 9

BARANOV M.I., KRAVCHENKO V.I., MEDVEDEVA V.A. Computation of a penetration depth of

a pulse electromagnetic field into a massive conductor_________________________________________13

Conversion of electric energy parameters


technological control instrument_________________________________________________________17

ROSOV V.Yu., ASSUIROV D.A. Synthesis of control systems of two-channel supply sources

of electromagnetic compensators of magnetic fields__________________________________________ 20

OLESCHUK V. Novel feedback and feedforward strategies of modulation for converters for adjustable

electric drives___________________________________________________________________________ 24

DENISOV Yu.A. Quality of high-accurate valve systems stabilization with a pulse-width modulation_______ 29

BOIKO N.I., GLADKIY V.N., POTJAZHENKO I.A., SOTNIK N.I., BOIKO V.V. Computation of control

and commutation angles in complex compensative converting systems__________________________ 33

NAMESTNIK S.G., FEDIY V.S. Special features of thyristor switches commutation in an filter circuit

of the third harmonic____________________________________________________________________ 38

VASILENKO O.V., PEREVERSEV A.V., SHMALIY S.L. Macromodel GTO________________________ 42

MOSTOVJAK I.V., ZHARKIN A.F., ZOSCHENKO A.V. Input current of a reactive two-port with

a rectifier load_______________________________________________________________________ 48

Electromechanical energy conversion

AFONIN A.A. Axial-radial configuration of electric motors_______________________________________ 51

ILJUKHIN V.I., KOVALENKO I.I., MASHNEV A.E. Discrete control of an electromagnetic bearing_______ 56
REHENBERG K., FISHER Ts. Determination of an electrical load of frequency controllable asynchronous
motors of a low voltage_______________________________________________________________ 59

Electrical and magnetic measurements

SAVOLJUK A.M. Measurement of multilayer media levels by means of capacitive pickups with

dielectric coatings of electrodes____________________________________________________________ 63

MELESCHUK D.V., MIKHAL A.A., SURDU M.N. Methods of a methodical measuremet error

reduction in thermometrical bridges of alternating current with voftages comparison _______________ 65

LYSENKO V.V., KUTS Yu.V., BEKESHEV A.A. Special features of additional eddy-current converters

with a rotating electromagnetic fields are analysed _____________________________________________ 70

KISELYCHNIK M.D. Dynamics of defects flows at electro- and radioelectronic engineering production__73


News from Highest Certifying Commssion of Ukraine___________________________________________ 76