2003, № 4


In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of A.K.SHIDLOVSKY, academician of the National Academy___ 3

INTERNATIONAL Association of Academies — 10 years________________________________________ 5

Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics


of transient processes and asymmetric modes in a magnetodynamic installation on the basis

of PSpice programme____________________________________________________________________ 9

BONDARENKO D.V. Application of controllable power sources at discrete model construction

of a photobattery — semiconductor laser system_____________________________________________ 15

Conversion of electric energy parameters

PEREVERZEV A.V., VASILENKO O.V., SHMALIY S.L. Macrosimulation of semiconductor converters

units on the basis of B-elements with multiparameter functions__________________________________ 18

ZHEMEROV G.G., ILYINA N.A., TUGAI D.V. Harmonics in a rectified voltage of a six-pulse

compensated controllable rectifier_________________________________________________________ 23

SOBOLEV O.V. Improvement of an input current form for an invariant system with a matrix converter ___ 30 GUBAREVICH V.N., KRYNKO N.V., SPIRIN V.M., KABAN V.P., MATVEJEV V.Yu. Determination of

parameters of a quasiresonance converter with zero current switching at small resistances of

a plasma arc load_______________________________________________________________________ 34

PAVLOVSKY V.O. Improvement of a method of temperature test of transformer and throttle windings

of radio-electronic equipment at operating current flow________________________________________ 36

Electromechanical energy conversion

ANTONOV A.E., KIREEV V.G. Construction of optimum magnetic systems of slotless

magnetoelectric motors_________________________________________________________________ 38

AFONIN A.A., SHAITOR N.M., RJASKOV Yu.I. Computation of inductor generators of axial-radial

configuration_________________________________________________________________________ 41

KUCHINSKY KA. Mechanical stresses in the winding bar of the turbogenerator's stator _______________ 46

Electric power systems and installations

POSTOLATY V.M., BYKOVA E.V., KUZNETSOV V.G., TYGAI Yu.I. Application of controllable

flexible power transmissions of alternating current for optimization of power systems modes___________ 50

KIRILENKO O.V., BUTKEVICH O.F., LEVITSKY V.G., RYBINA O.B. Special features of technological

support systems construction of an operating personnel of electric power systems and power networks_ 54

MARCHENKO B.G., MYSLOVICH M.V., PRIJMAK M.V. Analysis of power systems loads

on the basis of a model of their stochastic periodicity___________________________________________ 61

RAVLIK O.M., SEGEDA M.S., RAVLIK N.O. Digital model of electromagnetic processes analysis

of a power network with a static thyristor condenser on the basis of non-obvious single-step methods____ 65

ZHARKIN A.F. The procedure of determine a phase voltage nonsinusoidality in the electrical networks____ 68

Information measuring systems in power engineering

TARANOV S.G., BRAIKO V.V., TESIK Yu.F., MIRPHAIZIEV O.M. Precision sources of static indices of

electric energy quality__________________________________________________________________ 73

VIII International conference "Problems of Present-day Electrotechnics-2004"______________________ 77