2003, 1


Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics


investigations of electric heat influence of a pulse strong current spark discharge on samples of

metal covering of a flying vehicle_________________________________________________________ 3

SHIDLOVSKA N.A., SAMOILENKO V.G. Theorems of properties of a generalized heat balance

equation solutions at radiant heat transfer__________________________________________________ 8

ARISTOV Yu.V., BOZHKO I.V. About ozone generation in a positive streamer corona_________________ 10

Conversion of electric energy parameters

PERESADA S.M., KOROL S.V. Velocity control of an asynchronous motoi of dubble supply on the

basis of indirect stator magnetic-flux linkage vector orientation__________________________________14

PRIJMAK B.I., MORENO-EGILAZ H.M., PERAKULA H. A neuron on network approach to a power

saving problem solution in an asynchronous electric drive_____________________________________ 19

OLESCHUK V., BOSE B.K., OVCHARENKO N., SIZOV A, YAROSHENKO E. Discontinuous synchronized pulse-width modulation for standard and non-standard control modes of electric drive

converters_________________________________________________________________________ 24

ASSUIROV D.A. Stabilization of a gain factor of a width-pulse converter in a closed system_____________28

LYPKIVSKY K:0., KHALIKOV V.N., MOZHAROVSKY A.G. Characteristic properties of computational

characteristic construction of a discrete voltage regulator of constant current________________________ 32

Electromechanical energy conversion

AFONIN A.A., GETKA S. Development tendencies of disk electrical motors__________________________ 37

LESNIK V.A., SHURUB Yu.V. Account of differential parameters at mathematical simulation

of asymmetrical operational modes of asynchronous generators_________________________________ 45

Electric power systems and installations

LISJAK G.M., RAVLIK O.M., SEGEDA M.S Analysis of energency processes in a power network

of 750 kV___________________________________________________________________________ 49

ZHARKIN A.F. Determination of current and voltages nonsinusoidalityin power networks

of residential and public buildings__________________________________________________________52

BOR1SENKO A.N. Estimation of torsional vibrations intensity of a shaft of a Diesel-electric set with

the maximum probability method___________________________________________________________ 56

Electrotechnological complexes and systems

VISHTAK T.V., KONDRATENKO I.P., RASCHEPKIN A.P. Induction heating of a strip with current

circuits of canonical shapes______________________________________________________________63

SCHERBA A.A., SHNURKO V.K., LOMKO N.A., ZUBJUK Yu.P. Investigation of supply voltages

parameters influence on operating characteristics of magnetodynamic installations___________________ 68

Information measuring systems in power engineering

GRINEVICH F.B., SURDU M.N., LEVTTSKY A.S., VERTIPOLOKH A.Ya. Investigation of a precision

multisectional capacitive pickup of angle displacements___________________________________________ 72

DUNAEV B.B., VLAIKOV G.G., IVANOV N.A. Direct control problems in scientific investigations

and elaborations_______________________________________________________________________ 76