2004 6


Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

SHCHERBA A.A., PODOLTSEV A.D., KUCHERYAVAYA I.N. Spark erosion of conducting granules

in a liquid: analysis of electromagnetic, thermal and hydrodynamic processes______________________ 4

VOLOKHOV S.A., ROZOV V.Yu., MYSLOVICH M.V., KOKOSHIN S.S. Electromagnetic screening with

a ferromagnetic body of an electric motor________________________________________________ 18

Conversion of electric energy parameters

DENISOV Yu.A. Absolute stability of a two-circuit constant voltage regulator with a pulse-width

converter (PWC)___________________________________________________________________ 23

Electromechanical energy conversion

TITKO O.I., BEREST E.P. A method of electromagnetic diagnostics of an excitation circuit

of a turbo-generator rotor______________________________________________________________ 27

ANTONOV A.E., VELICHKO O.N. Principles of arrangement and computation of control windings

of an electric motor with a three-stage rotor_________________________________________________30

Electric power systems and installations

SHIDLOVSKY A.K., ZHARKIN A.F. Development of an electromagnetic compatibility theory and

mathematical models construction of low-voltage electric circuits with non-linear using equipment_____ 35

GURA Yu.L., CHORNOGOTSKY V.M. Problems of insulation elaboration of power transformers

with SFe gas filling____________________________________________________________________ 42

PIVNJAK G.G., BESHTA O.S., KHILOV V.S. An adaptive indistinct power controller for a drilling

process control________________________________________________________________________ 47

DUBOVENKO K.V., KURASHKO Yu.L, KLIMANSKY N.N. High-voltage resonance power source for
discharge-pulse submerged borehole plants_________________________________________________ 52

Information measuring systems in power engineering


of a phase-frequency method of distances measurement in laser ranging__________________________ 56

MAZMANJAN R.O. Characteristics of ordered samples of a random non-correlated signal______________ 60

NAKONECHNY A.I., NAKONECHNY R.A., GUDIM V.I. Application of low-wave functions

for oscillating processes analysis in power supply systems of sharply variable using equipment___________ 65

Economic and ecological aspects of power engineering

DOBROVOLSKY V.K., STOGNIYO.V. Normative prices in power engineering and their dependence

on losses level in distributive circuits and specific fuel losses_______________________________________ 69

Scientific information____________________________________________________________________ 79

INDEX of papers in 2004___________________________________________________________________81