2004 4


Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

NEFEDOV P.V. Simulation of a charge transfer processes in an ambipolar diffusion approach________ 3

Conversion of electric energy parameters

MAKARENKO M.P. Special features of mathematical provision of system simulation of electromagnetic

processes in semiconductor electric energy converters with conventional equations______________ 8

DENISOV Yu A., VELIGORSKY A.A. Total quadratic estimates of systems accuracy of power electronics

with different types of width-pulse modulation____________________________________________ 13

NAMESTNIK S.G. Analysis of network current of a three-phase valve-capacitor source of reactive

power (VCSRP)____________________________________________________________________ 18

GOLUBEV V.V. Pulse regulators of alternating voltage_______________________________________ 21

VOLKOV A.V. Computation of velocity and magnetic-flux linkage controllers for an asynchronous

electric drive with relay frequency-current control__________________________________________ 26

Electromechanical energy conversion

VAS'KOVSKY Yu.N. Estimation of dynamic stability limits of TVF-120-2 type turbo-generators at

their modernization__________________________________________________________________ 34

SARATOV V.A. Asynchronous characteristics of 100 MW turbo-generators of thermo-electric

plant power units____________________________________________________________________ 38

VOITEKH A.A., ONOPRICH V.P., ONOPRICH L.V. Asynchronous motors of a general industrial series

at frequent control of rotation speed_____________________________________________________ 41

IDZJAK P. Mechanical deformations of a stator under a magnetic field influence of the main poles of

a modern electric motor of constant current_______________________________________________ 45

KENSYTSKY O.G. Information increase of a standard system of thermal monitoring of a

turbo-generator______________________________________________________________________ 52

Electric power systems and installations

GINAILO A.V., MARTYNJUK M.V., BESPECHNY I.V. Problems and implementation circuits of

an automated system of supervisory control (ASSC) of power supply companies_________________ 55

YUSIFBEIUNA. Power method of effective estimation of a power system stability_________________ 63

Information measuring systems in power engineering

MONASTYRSKY Z.Ya., SAVOLJUK A.M. Special features of construction of self-compensated level

gauges of electroconducting and non-electroconducting media with micjocontrollers application______ 67

GAL'TCHENKO V.Ya., VOROBJEV M.A. Improvement of a solenoid magnetic system of a coercitimeter

by the methods of structural optimization__________________________________________________ 71


News from the Highest Certifying Commission of Ukraine_____________________________________ 76

In commemoration of the 80th anniversary of V.T. DOLBNJA____________________________________ 79