2004, 3


POPOVICH M.G., OSTROVERKHOV M.Ja., BOROVSKY V.V. Synthesis of controllers of multichannel electromechanical system of automatic control of a strip plotting with contactless

electromagnetic executive bodies________________________________________________________ 3

MAKARENKO M.P. Imitation model of a rectifier of supply network of. an autonomous installation

of power saving designing complexes of semiconductor electric energy converters__________________ 7

VOITENKO V.A., SAKHAROV A.V. A mathematical model of a consumption converter

of turbine type_______________________________________________________________________ 11

BAN'KO S.N., SEVASTJUK I.M. Increase of operation efficiency of autonomous power systems______15


efficiency of a welding arc sources by modern software packets of simulation_____________________ 17

SCHERBA A.A., KOSENKOV V.M., ZHEKUL V.G., POKLONOV S.G. Stabilization of mode parameters

of high-voltage systems of electric hydraulic pulse processing of liquid heterogeneous media_________ 23

SCHERBA A.A., PETRICHENKO S.V. Physical simulation and analysis of dynamics of spark-plasma

processes at electric erosion dispersion of current conducting grains in liquid______________________ 27

SCHERBA A.A., KURASHKO Yu.L, KHVOSCHAN O.V. Influence of voltage form on power efficiency

of electric discharge load installations______________________________________________________ 33

SCHERBA A.A., KUPRIN D.E. Simulation of initial processes of high-voltage electric pulse explosion

of graphite conductors_________________________________________________________________ 37

SCHERBA A.A., PODOLTSEV A.D., KHOMICH Yu. A., UDALOV E.P. Final-element simulation and

analysis of mechanical voltages in car tyres with a metal cord at electric pulse method

of their destruction___________________________________________________________________  41

LITVINOV V.V., PODOLTSEV A.D. Computer simulation of transient processes in a pulse transformer

for supply of an installation of high-frequency air discharge obtaining______________________________ 47

ZVARICH V.N. Application of autoregression methods for strike vibration diagnostics

systems construction__________________________________________________________________51

MAMALYGAV.M.,VERLANOV V.A. Methods of choice of pump plants parameters___________________ 56

PAPAIKAYu.A. About increase of power efficiency of resistance furnaces __________________________ 62

OZERJANSKY A.A., BILYK A.A. Power saving aspects at electric energy transmission by

power networks________________________________________________________________________64

LYSENKO O.G. Prospects of power saving for a complex of mine contactless transport by

parameters optimization of its electric equipment modes _______________________________________68

BOBROV A.V. Increase of power efficiency of piston compressors ________________________________70

KOSHMAN V.I., SABARNO L.R. Control and preventive maintenance of cabels insulation state as

one of factors of electric energy losses decrease in distributive networks____________________________72

TCHORNOUS V.M., ROMANJUK Yu.F. Special features of electric energy metering

in modern conditions____________________________________________________________________ 74

BEZRODNY M.K., NAZAROVA I.A., KHAVIN S.A. Mass transfer at a rising flow wapour-gas

mixture and a liquid film____________________________________________________________________ 76

SIGAL I.Ya., SMIKHULA A.V. Computation of heat losses from chemical incompleteness of combustion

at natural gas burning in boiler furnaces______________________________________________________ 82

PETROV S.V., SAAKOV A.G., KOTLJAROV O.L., YATSENKO V,P. About power expenses decrease

problem for plasma lighting and burning stabilization of dust-coal flame______________________________ 84

DUDKINA Yu.V. Decrease of power expenses by air-radiant heating systems in conditions of Ukraine______88

DIKIY N.A., SHOVKALJUK Yu.V. Investigation of hydrodynamics of a plane-parallel checker_____________ 91

PUKHOVY I.I. Joint operation of heating systems with direct and thermocompressor application

of natural and service waste waters___________________________________________________________ 94