2005 р., 1


Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

ROZHNENKO Zh.G., TOLMACHEV S.T. Practical problems of a vector model construction

of ferromagnetic anisotropic materials___________________________________________________ 3

MOROZ Yu.L, ZIRKA S.E. Hysteresis model with accomodation__________________________________ 8

MALJAR V.S., MALJAR A.V. Numerical method of periodical modes analysis

of ferroresonance electric circuits_________________________________________________________ 13

Conversion of electric energy parameters

FEDIY V.S., NAMESTNIK S.G. Three-phase monoharmonic active filters on the basis

of a series RLC-circuit and a valve switch___________________________________________________ 17

Electromechanical energy conversion

TITKO O.I., VYGOVSKY V.I., VYGOVSKY O.V. Increase of thermal stability of a stator core

in asynchronous modes at turbo-generators modernization of 100 MW power_____________________ 22

SARATOV V.A. Asynchronous characteristics of a modernized turbo-generator with damper

rotor systems_______________________________________________________________________ 26

PRIJMAK B.I. Models of power losses in a controllable asynchronous machine for power

saving problems______________________________________________________________________ 29

AFONIN A.A. Electromagnetic loads of electric motors with constant magnets_____________________ 39

Electric power systems and installations

ZHARKIN A.F., KAPLYCHNY N.N. Analysis of high harmonics filtration efficiency in low voltage

circuits with application of harmonic currents filters which are multiple of three_____________________ 47

GUDYM V.I., ROMANISHIN Yu.M., GUDYM V.V. Complex application of a device of

commutations operation of furnace transformers____________________________________________ 50

LAZAREV V.I. Generalization of investigation results on the problem of electrodynamic stability

of power transformers__________________________________________________________________ 53

Electrotechnological complexes and systems


of electromagnetic force value regulation in magnetodynamic installations by means of thyristor

controllers of voltage with phase control___________________________________________________ 61

Information measuring systems in power engineering

NOVIK A.I., KOLUPAEV Yu.P., NUZHNENKO V.V., STADNIK A.V. Special features of construction of

measuring circuits for operation with capacitive pickups_______________________________________ 66

MAZMANJAN R.O. Correlation functions of ordered samples of a random noncorreiated signal__________ 71


To the 75-th anniversary of academician of NAS of Ukraine G.G.SCHASTLYVY________________________ 79

In commemoration of Ivan Mironovich CHIZHENKO__________________________________________ 80