1990, 2


Electrodynamycs of Electric Power Dovices

Boguslavsky L.Z., Krivitsky E.V., Romakin V.V. Simulation of Electric Discharge

in Liquid under Parametric Change of Elements in the Circuit_________________________________ 3

Vaskovsky Yu.N., Nudelman I.R., Chemeris V.T. Calculation of Electrodynamic Processes

in the Pulse Induction Engine Applying the Method of Finite Elements___________________________ 7

Gorislavets Yu.M., Erkenov N.Kh. Electromagnetic Field of Induction Furnace

with a Rotating Motion of the Molten Metal in Channels______________________________________ 15

Kazakevich O.Ya., Redkin V.B. Application of Lanthanum Chromite as a Current Terminal

of Zirconium dioxide Electrode of MHD-Generator Channel___________________________________ 21

Chernavsky Yu.P., Kuzmin A.V., Nepogodiev S.V. Determination of Energy Losses

in Super-Conducting Devices__________________________________________________________ 27

Voronenko V.I., Ivankov V.F., Rodionov V.G. Study of Magnetic Systems of

Transformers by Means of Nonlinear Equivalent Circuits_____________________________________ 32

Varetsky Yu.E., Gapanovich V.G., Zhurakhovsky A.V., Kens Yu.A., Stryapan V.N.

Study of Magnetization Current Inrushes in the Electric Power Supply Systems of

Super-Powerful Arc Steel-Melting Furnaces_______________________________________________ 38

Transformation of Electric Energy Parameters

Pentegov I.V. Optimization of Processes in Charging Circuits of Capacitance

Accumalators of Energy with a Stepwise Form of the Acting Voltage____________________________ 43

Bondarenko V.M., Zakharova S.V. Local Mathematical Model of the Field-Effect

Transistor with the Schottky Gate on Gallium Arsenide_______________________________________ 52

Denisov A.I., Gordienko V.V. Correction of the Voltage Spectra en the Output of the

Autonomous Inventor with Pulse-Width Modulation__________________________________________ 57

Sidorov V.S. Regulated Sources of the Reactive Power on the Basis of the Capacitor Banks ________ 63

Duplin N.I., Pisarchuk S.E. Analysis of the Work of Diode-Capacitance Voltage Multiplier

Under Current Generator Supply ________________________________________________________ 66

Vakhitov R.Sh., Belousov G.F., Kostitsyn A.P. Voltage Drive Mode in Systems of Forced

Accumalator Charge__________________________________________________________________ 72

Tokarev A.B., Zhirnova N.B. Analysis of the Requirements to Mathematical Models of Storage

Batteries for Solution of Problems on Designing of Autonomous Power Supply Systems____________ 78

Electromechanical Energy Transformations

Kozlov V.S., Chuiko E.N. Effect of Displacement Angle of Excitation Winding of Asynchronized

Synchronous Generator on Dynamic Stability of Electric Power Plant ___________________________ 83

Goryagin V.F., Figotina M.I., Chernova N.S. Prediction of Parameters of Asynchronous

Explosion-Protected Engines of 6 and 10 kV Voltage_________________________________________ 88

Electric Power Systems and Installations

Korobchuk K.V. Consideration of Loading Characteristics When -Estimating Steady Electric

Conditions of Cemplex Porer Systems by Computer_________________________________________ 92

Electric and Magnetic Measurements

Surdu M.N., Vertipolokh A.Ya., Levitsky A.S. Analysis of the Error of a Two-Electrode

Capacitance Pickup of Angular Displacements Induced by Misalignment of Its Electrodes ___________ 98

Karasinsky O.L., Tulchinsky D.Yu. Instrumentation Analysis of Dynamic Errors of Registration ______ 106

Scientific and Technical Information

Zakrevsky S.I., Starodumov Yu.I., Dovgalevsky A.Yu. Power Source of Helium-Neon Lasers _______ 111

Kostyuk O.M., Osnach A.M. Pulse Systems of Telemetry and Supervisory Indication of Mode

Parameters of Submurged Electric Motors of Oil-Pump Plants ________________________________ 111

Koba A.P., Pshenichny V.V. Power Source with Power to 600 W for C02- and CO-Lasers __________ 112