1991, 5


Electrodynamics of Electric Power Devices

Lavrov V.Ya., Pukhanov A.P. Identiication principles of weak quasistationary

electromagnetic fields_________________________________________________________________3

Zinchenko T.R., Kondratenko I.P., Gaschepkin A.P. Joule's heat releases in roter

of linear induction machine_____________________________________________________________ 7

Bobrov Yu.K. Propagation velocity of gas-discharge plasma in electric field______________________12

Serdyuk Yu.V., Stril'ko S.І. Electric field of semi-cylinder-strip electrode system__________________ 17

Vas'kovsky Yu.N., Dynnik L.N., Chemeris V.T. Elektromagnetic field and electro-dynamic field and

electrodynamіc forces in massive turn of power inductor with radial crack_______________________ 20

Dubovenko K.V. Energy conversion of shock unipolar generator in a circuit with inductive and

plasma load________________________________________________________________________ 25

Electric energy parameters conversion

Skobarihin Yu.V., Nepogod'ev S.V. Construction principles of operating algorithms

of double half-cycle superconducting converte _____________________________________________ 31

Kurilo I.A., Klimenko A.V. Some peculiarities of pulse-width modulation with harmonics exception_____37

Nikitin Yu.P., Chumakova A.V. Parametrical converter of harmonic signals frequence______________ 39

Electromechanical energy conversion

Dvoinyh E.V. Three-stage electromechanical converter in gyroscopic stabilization system __________ 45

Voitekh A.A., Popovich A.N., Golovan' V.L., Druchok V.V. Mathematical model of

asynchronous motor with inductive reactance in phase rotor circuit_____________________________ 50

Hutoretsky G.M., Fedorenko G.M., Vygovsky B.I. Defects recognition and identi­fication

in stator winding cores of turbo generator with direct cooling___________________________________58

Bychkovska-Lipinska L. Axis oscilations analysis of transformer windings at short circuit ___________ 63

Heruntsev P.E. Asynchronous motors modelling peculiarities controlling from

self-excited current inverters____________________________________________________________ 68

Electroenergetic systems and installations

Shidlovsky A.K., Zharkin A.F. Currents and voltages curves nonsinusoidality analysis

in low-voltage networks with rectifying load_________________________________________________ 72

Kostyuk O.M. Two conceptual approaches to determination of power systems mechanical

stabilty as to small excitations___________________________________________________________ 79

Mayer V.Ya., Zeniya, Petrovskaya L.L. Methods of voltages disbalance determination_______________83

Electric and magnetic measurements

Maidan A.E., Novik A.I. About digital bridges construction with amplitude-phase balancing____________88

Chernyshev A.V. Forming of second harmonic magnetization component at weak efcitation fields______92

Monastyrsky Z.Ya. Automatic correction of systematic error capacitive self-compensated level meter___97

Bazilevich O.Z., Tchaikovsky O.I. Test method of voltage converters____________________________ 104

Short reports

Belousov G.F., Vahitov R.Sh., Kuznetsov V.P., Gorbunov V.L. Noise immunitive high voltage converter

for forced charge integrator_____________________________________________________________ 108

Scientific and technical information

Gavrilov I. AT, Myagkova N. V. Power cource of cathode heater of electronic device________________ 112