1991, 3


Electrodynamics of electric power devices

Borisov B.P., Pivovarov L.V., Taranushenko S.I., Turchin A.P., Tikhonov A.P.

Electromagnetic device with axis current _________________________________________________ 3

Vishtak P.A., Zinchenko T.R., Raschepkin A.P. Calculation of electromagnetic fields and heat

releases in conducting bends at alternating value of air gap___________________________________ 9

Popov A.P., Mechkalo A.M., Kurakina O.P. Numerical calculation of electrodynamic characteristics

of explosion-magnetic generator on the basis of secondary current sources method_______________14

Lavrov V.Ja., Kirpanev A.V. Identification of electromagnetic field in spherical layer________________ 20

Isaeva N.L., Lysak N.V. Calculation of electromagnetic pressure in liquid conductors______________ 25

Bobrov U.K. Electrodynamics of leader discharge channel____________________________________29

Belyaev V.K. Electric field of charged cylindrical insulator ____________________________________ 32

Kolchanov A.Ja. Electromagnetic conduction syspension ____________________________________ 41

Conversion of electric energy parameters

Dvoinykh E.V. Three-stage electromechanical converter in a system of angle

stabilization of space vehicle____________________________________________________________ 46

Chekhet E.M., Mikhalsky V.M., Sobolev V.N. Combined control of direct frequency converters

for electric drive ______________________________________________________________________ 52

Voloshin A.Ya., Sibirtsev V.G. Optimization of discrete voltage synthesis by dynamic

programming method __________________________________________________________________ 57

Penin A.A. Geometrical properties of regulated voltage converters at limited power

of supply source ______________________________________________________________________ 61

Electromechanical energy conversion

Bilyk P.D., Kravchenko A.N., Tupailo O.R. Calculation of switching currents of draught

transformers of line electric locomotives ___________________________________________________ 66

Vishnevsky L.V. Tyristor sources of reactive current for asynchronous generator excitation___________ 73

Zhukovskaya E.B., Kheruntsev P.E. Modelling peculiarities of asynchronous electric

drives in creep rate regime_______________________________________________________________ 77

Electric power systems and installations

Kurenniy E.G., Pushnaya I.V., Pogrebnyak N.N., Suleiman Haled, Klimenko L.E.

Effectiveness of double reactors application__________________________________________________ 83

Nedzelsky I.S. Possibility of powers disconnection of Chernobylskaya, Rovenskaya

and Khmelnitskaya atomic power stations____________________________________________________ 87

Rogoza V.V., Sopel M.F., Dovgodko V.N., Dyachuk S.Ya., Sorochinsky V.V., Kholodenko Yu.N.

Hardware of information diagnostic system___________________________________________________ 88

Electric and magnetic measurements

Monastyrsky Z.Ya. Construction principles of invarient bridge measuring devices

with impedance tranducers________________________________________________________________ 95

Guryanov V.S., Surdu M.N., Salyuk V.P. Universal transformer bridges of alternating

current for dimensions transmission of parameters units of complex impedance_____________________ 103

Seminars, conferences

Stogniy B.S., Kirilenko A.V. Problems of complex automation of electric power systems

on the basis of microprocessor facilities (I all-Union scientific and technical conference)_______________ 109

Scientific and technical information

Akinin K.P., Voiteh V.A., Styazhkin V.P. Controlled-velocity electric drive on the basis

of asynchronous engine of AUP or AX series___________________________________________________ 82

Andrievsky E.A., Sheverdin G.P. An installation for generation of pulse magnetic fields_________________ 108