1991, № 2


Electrodynamics of Electric Power Devices

Pivovarov L.V., Borisov P.B., Taranushenko S.A., Turchin A.P., Tikhonov A.P. Boundary

problem for axially symmetric channel of variable section with axis current in electrical

conduction medium __________________________________________________________________ 3

Burdak A.P., Glushkov E.A., Kuznetsova A.A., Reztsov V.F. Distribution peculiarities of electric

field on heterogeneities surface with non-linear conducting transition layer _______________________ 8

Grimalsky O.V. Application of boundary integral equations for calculation of linear impedance

matrices and induced EMF for a system of extent conductors (bars) of optional section____________ 15

Vaskovsky Yu.N., Dynnik L.N. Motion of electrical conduction axially symmetric body in pulsed

magnetic field of solenoid______________________________________________________________22

Transformation of electrical energy parameters

Novoseltsev A.V. Extreme forms of free motion in electric circuit______________________________ 29
Zhuravskaya I.A., Zakrevsky S.I. Determination of own parameters of transformer of output

stage of charging units of capacitive energy storage_________________________________________33

Penin A.A. Projective − affine properties of resistive two-ports load_____________________________38

Koroteev A.E., Perekrest V.V. Stability analysis in big pulsed converters of constant voltage

with pulse-duration modulation of the first kind______________________________________________42

Pyanyh B.E. Direct frequency converters with zone control___________________________________ 46

Ivanov A.V., Mulmenko M.M., Uzyanbaev A.H. Digital simulation of control system of multiload

installation with frequency regulated thyristor converter_______________________________________ 50

Electromechanical energy conversion

Dartau A.A., Kozhevnikov V.A., Mitin V.V. Algorithm of electromagnetic calculation of

asynchronous engine with branched magnetic circuit_________________________________________58

Shmatyuk N.P., Lysenko B.N., Marchenko A.V. Investigation of excitation process

of asynchronous turbo-generator with parallel operation_______________________________________63

Antonyuk S.M., Fink A.F. Calculation optimization of synchronous regime of turbogenerators

operation by finite elements method_______________________________________________________67

Kuevda V.P., Balyuta S.N., Tverdyakov V.V. Equivalent circuit diagrams of cryoturbo-generator

substitution with n rotor circuits___________________________________________________________71

Asanbaev V.N. Determination of massive rotor with a scheme of parameters substitution

accounting current displacement to teeth periphery___________________________________________75

Mescheryakov V.N. Calculation of static characteristics of asynchronous electric motor

with non-linear inductive resistance in rotor circuit____________________________________________ 81

Electric power systems and installations

Kuznetsov V.G. Problems of electric energy quality increase in power networks and systems_________ 84

Denisenko N.A., Hoffmann I. Stochastic simulation of short-circuit processes

in electric power systems and installations__________________________________________________ 92

Nedzelsky I.S. Simplification of power system mathematical mode! at static stability analysis__________98

Electric and magnetic measurements

Andrievsky E.A., Lesnik L.N., Lobunets Ya.I. Multifunctional magnetometering system

for testing and calibration of high-power constant magnets ____________________________________ 103

Lezhoev R.S. Investigation of capacitive pickup of linear displacements with cylindrical coaxial

electrodes___________________________________________________________________________ 107

Scientific and technical information

Kononenko A.G., Latenko B.I., Masyurenko Yu.A., Nizhensky A.D. Light range finder_______________ 112

Zakrevsky S.I., Golovach A.A. Current source for capactive storage charge_______________________112