1992, No 6


Sidlovsky A.K., Grigorjev A.S., Pirishvili B.Z., Mints M.I. General directions of the

Ukrainian fuel-power complex development________________________________________________ 3

Electrodynamics of electric power devices

Kuevda V.P., Gamaleja R. V., Gamaleja I.P., Fediy V.S., Khimjuk I.V. Calculation of current

density distribution in a device heating by alternating current in electrothermal installation_____________ 12

Podoltsev A.D. Numerical calculation of pulse magnetic field in inductor with

massive turns by finite elements method_________________________________________________________ 17

Electric energy parameters conversion

Vypanasenko S.I. Self-excited inverters with frequency multiplication____________________________23

Puzakov A.V., Ostapchuk L.B., Ostapchuk T.B. Synthesis of regulators of voltage

stabilizers of tracking type______________________________________________________________ 31

Yue Guan. Algorithm of pulse low-frequency control of thyristor converters_______________________ 39

Batygin Yu.V., Gorkin L.D., Reshetnikov V.V., Himenko L.T. Experimental basis of magnetic-
pulse method perspectiveness for printed circuit boards production in electrical engineering__________

Electromechanical energy conversion :

Kravchenko A.N., Tchepets O.N. Levels of short-circuit lasses m three-phase modular transformer___ 50

Isacov V.N., Voitekh V.A., Krasnoshapka N.D. Characteristics of asynchronous engine

with a short-circuited rotor at supply from current source of controllable frequency__________________55

Sysoev V.S., Lisnenko V.M., Bronnikov I.S., Liberman A.L. Analysis of state and problems of production

development of small motors for complex household electrotechnics in Ukraine up to 1995___________60

Barinberg V.A., Levin V.E. Influence of excitation field frequency on characteristics of asynchronous

machine with phase rotor operating in valve motor scheme____________________________________ 64

Butyrin P.A., Chin Hung Lyan. Synthesis of optimum high-speed control of thyristor electric drive______ 69

Electric energy systems and installations

Butkevich A.F., Kirilenko A.V., Levitsky V.G. Coding methods at simulation and optimization of

EES regims __________________________________________________________________________ 74

Bondarenko A.F. The role of correspondence between classes of plants power

supply systems and functions which represent them __________________________________________ 81

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Monastyrsky Z.Ya., Savoljuk A.M. Detectors application with dielectric coatings of electrodes in

capacitive level gauges __________________________________________________________________86

Labuzov A.E., Levitsky A.S., Lezhoev R.S. Structure and characteristics of two-coordinate

capacitive transducer of microdisplacements _________________________________________________92

Short reports

Borodylin M.Yu. Reproduction accuracy of wavelength line constants at circuit simulation_____________100

Ignatjev I.G. Transient processes calculation in electrostatic and stage generators at short circuit

of high-voltage structure elements ________________________________________________________ 103

Scientific and technical information

Novsky V.A. Automated optoelectronic system of smoothly heterogeneous materials recording

and control ___________________________________________________________________________106

Novsky V.A. Automated optoelectronic measurement system of glass restrictors,

pipes and fibres diameters _______________________________________________________________ 106

Zhimolohov O.M., Sysoev V.S. New household woodworking device______________________________ 107

List of articles, 1992____________________________________________________________________108