1992, № 5


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Krischuk N.G., Valkovsky Yu.N., Bondar' L.M. Mathematical modelling of electromagnetic

fields and Joule's losses in rail accelerator________________________________________________ 3

Malyarenko A.P. Basis of linear signal model for acoustics-emission diagnostics system__________ 11

Electric energy parameters conversion

Lipkovsky K.A. Supply system variants of two independent toads_____________________________ 18

Pivnyak G.G., Berkovich E.I., Bokovoi V.N. Single-switch resonant inverters____________________ 27

Fediy V.S., Cherednitchenko S.L. Network current analysis of single-phase rectifier-capacitor

source of reactive power______________________________________________________________ 34

Kurilo I.A., Klimenko A.V. Compensated macromodel of valve element_________________________ 42

Samcheleev Yu.P., Potapov V.D. Circuit engineering of pulse supply sources____________________ 45

Electromechanical energy conversion

Sokol V.M., Shnaider A.G., Tolkachev E.A. Gas-magnetic rotor suspension of motor bearings

as a self-controllable system___________________________________________________________ 48

Dems M., Rutkovsky Z., Gerasimchuk V.P. Electromagnetic calculation of asynchronous

motors at different calculation methods utilization of magnetizing current, calculation of

current saturation and replacementin rotor winding__________________________________________ 55

Chigirik A.S. Reliability forecasting of Diesel-electric generator nodes with statistical

splinefunctions application______________________________________________________________64

Bychkovska-Lipin'ska L. Calculation of natural oscillations of transformer windings on the basis of

three-dimensional mathematical model____________________________________________________69

Bespalov L.S., Metetsky V.P., Popova T.V., Yarymbash S.T. Power losses reduction in

transformers tank with the assistance of magnetic shunts of a new desing________________________75

Electric power systems and installations

Volkov I.V., Baranov G.L., Kozurman I.A., Fink A.F. Experimental investigation of parallel

operation properties of synchronous generator with a power system through inductive-capacitive

converter on a general load______________________________________________________________ 81

Vagin G.Ya., Sharutin F.V. Investigation of sub-harmonic resonances in industrial power networks

with longitudinal compensation plants______________________________________________________ 88

Borodulin M.Yu. Calculation of initial steady state at digital modelling of multisubstation power

transmission of constant current__________________________________________________________ 93

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Savolyuk A.M. Interaction errors of capacitive measuring level converters

with controllable medium________________________________________________________________100

Scientific and technical information

Krasinsky V.N. Small-sized factory-assembled switch-gear with vacuum switchers_________________108

Chronicle and information

Seventieth anniversary of Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine F.B. Grinevich__________111