1992, № 3


Electrodynamics of electric power devices

Udod E.I., Nizhnik L.P. Voltage distribution over tension string of insulators at repair

works conduction___________________________________________________________________ 3

Lavrov V.Ya, Pukhanov A.P. Diagnostics prindples on the basis of identificaition

of electromagnetic fields______________________________________________________________ 6

Brzhezitsky V.A. Coefficients calculation of integral equations of the n kind on the basis

of field voltage connection with elements charges__________________________________________11

Golov P.Ya., Strilko S.I. Influence of a stnictiire of glaze-iimefor communication

channels operation__________________________________________________________________ 18

Bida V.V., Vasetsky Yu.M. Geometry optimization of screw toroidal magnetic systems____________ 22

Chaban V.I. Calculation algorithms of a steady-state periodical regime in a long line_______________28

Elektric energy parameters conversion

Pivnyak G.G., Vypanasenko S.I. Ways of improvement of thyristor frequency converters for

induction heating of materials__________________________________________________________ 32

Novoseltsev A.V. New aspects of kinematic analogies method in electrical engineering____________37

Electromechanical energy conversion

Shidlovsky A.K., Meleshko I.Yu., Tchornogotsky V.M., Shifrin L.N. Development methods of

power transformers Insulation__________________________________________________________45

Arkhangelsky N.L., Kurnyshev B.S., Vinogradov A.B. Optimum strategy of asynchronous

electric drive control__________________________________________________________________54

Vaskovsky Yu.N. Modelling of electric machine generator of current pulses accounting non-

linearity of its electromagnetic couplings__________________________________________________ 61

Kravchenko A.N., Zozulya D.V. Prepressing of transformer windings by power elements with

a memory__________________________________________________________________________ 67

Kislenko V.I., Sotdatova G.V., Salan A.V., Popov P.G. Mathematical model for magnetic circuit

calculations of asynchronous motors in a shirt-circuit regime on the basis of finite elements

methods and experiment planning_______________________________________________________ 73

Perkhach V.S., Sovin R.Ya., Gogolyuk P.P., Ryzhyi T.I. Positioning of regimes of saturated non-pole

synchronous machine in instantaneous coordinates_________________________________________ 82

Kuzmin V.V., Podgorny B.M., Zozulin Yu.V., Fedorenko G.M., Vygovsky V.I. Thermal

processes to a stator of power turbogenerator with segment coolers____________________________ 88

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Borschev P.I., Krasilenko A.V., Novik A.I. Resolving power of compensative-bridge transducers

with capacitive pickups ________________________________________________________________ 93

Kaganov Z.G., Yastrebov E.A. Dissipative two-terminal and four-terminal networks

as measuring objects__________________________________________________________________97

Scientific and technical information

Udod E.I. Means for power networks repair under a voltage___________________________________ 107

Meleshko I.Yu., Raichenko M.O., Shifrin L.N. New autotransformer for 1150kV voltage_____________ 109