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1992, 2


Electrodynamics of electric power devices

Shakirov M.A., Kiyatkin R.P. Application of integrated equivalent circuits for critical waves

parameters in complex waveguides_____________________________________________________ 3

Bespalov L.S., Metelsky V.P., Yarymbash S.T. Calculation of volumetric magnetic field of

transformer dissipation _______________________________________________________________ 7

Krischuk N.G., Aksenov V.A., Anisin A.M., Yarevsky Yu.A. Mathematical provision of ADS

insulators for electric fields calculation __________________________________________________ 12

Sotnikov V.V. External magnetic field of harmonic current distributed over the surface of a ring______20

Vovchienko A.I., Posokhov A.A., Shtompel I.V. Electric discharge processes in homogeneous

exothermal media on the basis of natrium perchlorate andethanolamine perchlorate_______________26

Brzhezitsky V.A. Determination of diagonal coefficients at electric fields calculations by the

method of untegral equations of the first kind______________________________________________ 32

Electric energy parameters conversion

Volkov I.V., Zakrevsky S.I., Smolyansky I.I. Pulse currents generator on the basis of inducon_______ 40

Danko A.V., Isamukhamedov Sh.T., Yadgarov A.H., Yaremenko L.V. Balancing conditions

of three-phase regime with non-linear asymmetrice elements_________________________________ 46

Electromechanical energy conversion ,

Lischenko A.I., Masurenko L.I. Analysis of self-excitation process of asynchronous valve

generator with transistor converter_______________________________________________________ 52

Meleshko I.Yu.Transformer equipment optimization on economic specification____________________ 57

Kuevda V.P., Balyuta S.N. Electromagnetic loads calculation of rotor circuits of cryoturbogenerator

at established asynchronous regimes by means of equivalent circuits___________________________ 65

Verbovoi P.P., Agafonov A.I. Asynchronous motor model with massive ferromagnetic rotor

and short-circuited winding at supply from single-phase electric energy sources___________________ 70

Kidyba V.P., Shmatyuk N.P., Marchenko A.V., Tikhaya E.V. Investigationon a mathematical

model of output process into synchronous regime of asynchronized turbogenerators________________76

Electric power systems and installations

Karpov S.A Simulation model for estimation of servicing probability of consumers

in power systems______________________________________________________________________83

Electric and magnetic measurements

Volkova E.D., Kononenko A.C., Latenko V.I., Masyurenko Yu.A., Nizhensky A.D. Accuracy

increase of phase shifts measurement In phase light range finder________________________________89

Brigider V.O. Audiometering investigations and amplitude−frequency characteristics of linear

and non-linear electrical two-ports_________________________________________________________ 97

Surdu M.N., Mikhal A.A., Izvolenskaya N.E. Conductivity-meter converter________________________ 101

Short reports

Ignatyev I.G. Electrostatic field influence on motion stability of charges conveyer

of electrostatic accelerator______________________________________________________________ 105

Scientific and technical information

Udod E.I. Screening sets of special wear for work under voltage conditions in electrical

installations of 220...750 kV _____________________________________________________________ 108

Meleshko I.Yu., Shifrin L.N., Kanalyuk V.L. New block transformer In antiseismic design_____________ 109

Shidlovsky A.K., Komarov N.S., Kozlov A.V., Moskalenko G.A., Boiko P.S. Module of centralized

voltage stabilizer of electric supply systems with improved electromagnetic

compatibility MCS 700/500_______________________________________________________________ 110