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1992, 1


Electrodynamics of electric power devices

Binko I.F., Nivenitsyn E.L., Reztsov V.F., Hadginov A.L. Dipole moments and static

interaction of ellipsoid particles in homogeneous field________________________________________3

Vishtak P.A., Zinchenko T.R., Kondratenko I.P., Raschepkin A.P. Leakage flux influence

on Joule's losses distribution in a band___________________________________________________ 8

Bolyuh V.F., Dan'ko V.G. Influence of coupled circuit proved by induction on operation of

cryoresistive excitation winding in dynamic regime of short duration___________________________ 15

Electric energy parameters conversion

Volkov I.V., Zakrevsky S.I., Smolyansky I.I., Sokolyansky V.N. Inductors on magnetic circuits

with free correlation of geometric dimensions_____________________________________________ 25

Ryaben'kiy V.M., Pusev A.N. Output voltage spectrum of pulse converters at

frequency modulation presence________________________________________________________ 31

Andrienko P.D., Maslennikova N.S., Ostrenko V.S. Determination of maximum permissible

load current of turn-off thyristor in frequency converter____________________________________________ 34

Penin A.A. Designing-geometric approach to parallel connection theory of electric energy sources___ 37

Lysenko A.T. Analysis and minimization of symmetrocompensating devices power_______________ 44

Electromechanical energy conversion

Sinchuk O.N., Lutchenko I.A. Creation strategy of generalized structure of

control pulses former of direct-current drive_______________________________________________ 52

Krasnoshapka D.M., Mishin S.V. Mathematical model synthesis of differential

asynchronous-synchronous drive-generating set with choke-trartsformer controll_________________ 57

Petrenko Yu.N., Vasilevsky A.M. Mathematical modelling and software of asynchronous

frequency electric drive investigation_____________________________________________________ 63

Kolchanov A.Ya. Magnetic interaction of armature and poles of pot electromagnet

of direct current at irregular air gap ______________________________________________________ 69

Vygovsky V.I. Numerical calculation of temperature pattern of electric motors____________________ 75

Electric power systems and installations

Avramenko V.N., Krylov V.A., Prihno V.L. About conception of automated

system of supervisory control of EES of a new generation____________________________________ 84

Nedzetsky I.S. Asymptotic separation of transient processes of synchronous

machine at asymmetric regime in electric circuit of EES______________________________________89

Mayerr V.Ya., Kusch V.V., Maldonado I.V. Calculation methods of voltage

disbalance at electric supply systems designing of urban networks______________________________91

Electric and magnetic measurements

Surdu M.N., Salyuk V.P., Ornatsky O.A., Tretyak I.V. Microprocessor universal

quadrature bridge of olternating current____________________________________________________ 97

Borschev P.I., Gorai B.A., Labusov A.E., Novik A.I. Multichannel measuring system of microtravels __ 102

Scientific and technical information

Maslovsky V.A., Zanozdra V.A., Turchin A.P. Instrument for photographic

recording of processes in electric nodes of general-purpose device _____________________________ 24

Shurub V.A. Unified asynchronous electric drive of small-scale mechanization means ______________ 96

Krischuk N.G., Trubin A.V., Yavorsky A.E., Raspopov S.L. "ISKER" − universal integrated

medium of two-dimensional finite-element calculations ______________________________________ 109

Shevchenko P.N., Bibikov V.A., Slesarevsky I.O. New generation of power supplies 

for electric arc welding ________________________________________________________________ 110