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1993, № 5


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Reztsov V. E, Surzhik T. V., Shevchuk V. I. Stability of a system photobattery — constant current

motor — non-linear mechanical load______________________________________________________3

EmetsYu. P., OnankoA. F. Influence of external electromagnetic field on a cylindrical wire disposed

near the earth surface_________________________________________________________________ 7

Puchka V. A. Numerical investigation of electrostatic problem solution near non-regular points of

a surface___________________________________________________________________________12

SikoraR, ChadyT., Komorovsky M., Zio Bcovsky M. Control of three-dimensional distribution of

magnetic field_______________________________________________________________________ 14

Electric energy parameters conversion

Grechko E. N., Atroschenko V. A., Sin'kov A. G., Stepura Yu. P. Analysis of transient processes

in a convertive module of autonomous power supply systems on the basis of spectral-operating

method____________________________________________________________________________ 18

Shidlovskaya N. A. Currents and voltages in circuits with non-ideal supply sources and non-linear

active load _________________________________________________________________________ 24

Zayats V. M., SinitskyLA. About power dissipation of generator systems at transistors switching_____28

Electromechanical power conversion

Kislenko V.I., Onoprich V. P., Salan A. V., Pashkov N. I. Designing of four-pole asynchronous

motors of smallpower of fase type_______________________________________________________32

Kuchinsky K..A., Antoniuk S. M., Fink A. F. Investigation of heat processes in active zone of

massive rotors of non-pole motors of 800 — 4000 kW power_________________________________ 37

AntonenkoA. I. Generalized law of electromagnetic induction__________________________________43

Shved P., Novakovsky R., Shymchak P. Utilization of heat losses of power transformers by


Boyar-Sozonovich S. P., Shtepa E. P. Birotative electrical machines of alternating current in

generator and motive regimes__________________________________________________________ 49

Malafeev S. I., KiselevaN. O. Program complex for simulation and adjustment of regulators of

electromechanical systems____________________________________________________________ 55

Verbovoi P..F. Problems of creation of controllable electric drive of alternating current_______________58

Electric energy systems and installations

Stogniy B. S., Selekhman N. A., Tankevich E. N. Digital restoration of output signal of high-voltage

current converters____________________________________________________________________64

Kachanova N. A., Tverdyakoy V. V. Equivalenting in regime simulators at personnel computers for

operational personnel of power systems__________________________________________________ 68

Denisjuk V. P. Simulation of electrical load charts by trigonometric polynomials of Ermith___________ 70

Borodulin M. Yu. Digital model for electromagnetic processes investigation in multistation power,

transmission of constant current________________________________________________________ 73

Scientific and technical information

Pazeev G. F. Source of secondary power supply ___________________________________________ 80