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1993, 2


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Anisimov Ya. F. Probability indices of electromagnetic compatibility of elements in electrosystems____ 3

Podoltsev A. D., Kucheryavaya I. N. Digital simulation of liquid metal motion in pulse magne­

tic field of cylindrical inductor____________________________________________________________5

Ignatyevl. G. Optimization criteria of gas-insu­lated electrodes systems_________________________10

Vasilyev A. V., Kozlyuk V. N., Tchech' V. V. Mathematical model of wind power potential___________ 13

Electric energy parameters conversion

Volkov I. V., Baranov G. L, Kozurman I. A Steady-state electrical regimes at parallel operation of

generator with a power system through inductive-capacitive transducer for a general balanced

three-phase load____________________________________________________________________ 17

Tonkal V. E., Denisyuk S. P. Application of nume­rically-differential approximation method at models

construction and power supply systems analysis___________________________________________22

Sidorets V. N., Pentegov I. V. Initiation and struc­ture of a strange attractant in RLC-circuit with

electric arc_________________________________________________________________________28

Samotyi V. V. Analysis of steady-state regimes of single-phase full-wave rectifier_________________32

Fediy V. S. Determination of the initial capacitor voltage at even relation of periods of output

vol­tage and control of single-phase valve-capacitor source of reactive power____________________ 35

Cherednichenko S. L. Characteristic properties of valves commutation in a scheme of single-phase

valve-capacitor source of reactive power_________________________________________________ 41

Electromechanical energy conversion

Vdovin S. S., Zirka S. E., Moroz Yu. I. Multielement scheme of pulse transformer substitu­tion_______ 44

Smorodin V. L, Kramarsky V. A.,Kuzmin V. V., Tcheremisov I. Ya. Conception of non-traditional

fulfilment of end stator zone of turbogenerators with a complete air cooling______________________ 47

Sinchuk O. N., Afanas'yev E. V., Yuzov E. S., Afanas'yeva M. G. Parameters determination of

electrical braking systems of thrust drives with pulse contro l_________________________________ 50

Karalyunas V. S., Smilgyavichus A. Yu. Brake regimes of linear asynchronous motors ____________ 53

Electric power systems and installations

Stogniy B. S., SelikhmanN. A, Tankevich E. N., Sinyakova A. M. Mathematical model of

electro­magnetic processes in current transducers and determination of its characteristics _________ 58

Dzhuvarly Ch. M., Dmitriev E. V., Lyu Minguan Method of velocity limiting of short-circuit currents

decrease to a zero value______________________________________________________________ 62

Vis'nevsky S. Electric power protection of a system of module protective automation______________ 65

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Velichko O. N., Taranov S. G. Special features of complex periodical signals forming with the

prescribed harmonic coefficient_________________________________________________________ 68

Monastyrsky Z. Ya. Automation of simulative check of capacitive level gauges ___________________ 72

Savolyuk A. M. Application of capacitive pickups with dielectric coating of electrodes for multi­

layer media levels measurement ________________________________________________________ 77

To the memory of Valeriy Alexandrovich Barabanov__________________________________________ 80