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1993, № 1


Electrodynamics of electric energy devices

Bodzyak K. Zone regulation of power in induction heating installations____________________________ 3

BolyukhV. F. Electrodynamic interaction of crioresistive excitation winding with a circuit

connected by induction_________________________________________________________________ 6

ZamidraA. I., Demidenko S. K., Romashev L. N. Theoretical and experimental study of magnetic

systems with nonpower winding_________________________________________________________ 12

KildishevA. V. External magnetic field of a sys­tem consisting of ferromagnetic body and current-

conducting circuit_____________________________________________________________________ 17

Batygin Yu. V. Field penetration through fine she­ets in inductor systems of magnetopulse installations__20

Electric energy parameters conversion

Bakov Yu. V. Computation method of periodic duties of ferromagnetic-semiconductor devices

with controllable selfbiasing_____________________________________________________________ 26

Electromechanical energy conversion

Schastlivy G. G., Titko A. I., Stashkevich V. I. Cont­rol and prediction of nonstationary heating of

stator winding rods of turbogenerators at alternating load ______________________________________ 31

Vdovin S. S., Zirka S. E. Transformer for constant voltage converter _____________________________36

Afonin A. A., Beliy P. N., FursenkoS. L. Invastiga-tion of armature reaction influence in linear

magnetoelectrical motors with controllable current layer________________________________________39

Verbovoi P. F. Power indices and asynchronous engines losses in dynamic regimes of operation_______41

Sysoev V. S. Main engineering peculiarities of organization of small-scale production of electric

motors of 300 — 600 W power for domestic electrical engineering in conditions of operating production__45

Lazarev V. I., Dubinin Yu. A., Semuseva V. P., Soroka M. V. Axis ascillations of transformer

windings under the general pressing ring____________________________________________________48

Stavinsky A. A. Asynchronous motors with inside end rings and sectionalized rotor magnetic cores_____53

Petuhov I. S. Losses computation in a steel of pulse electromagnetic generator_____________________57

Pignasty S. S. Analysis of some schemes of electromechanical compressors of magnetic flux

with selfexcitation_______________________________________________________________________62

Electric energy systems and installations

Kuznelsov V. G., Lysenko A. T., Grigor'jev A. S. Minimization of the established power and opti­mum

control of symmetrocompensating devices regime_____________________________________________67

Udod E. J. Problems of repair efficiency increase of power installations under a voltage_______________ 72

Tchaban V. I. Rapid search of forced periodic du­ties in the problems with current wires scientific________ 75

Scientific and technical information

Sysoev V. S. Conveyer-windings accumulator________________________________________________ 78