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1994, 4


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Rudakov V.V. Capacitor insulation service life_____________________________________________ 3

Magas T.E., Ryadynskyh A.S. Some problems of static and dynamic negative resistances theory___ 7

Seredenko V.A. Resistance change of magnetod ynamic installation turn during alloys making _____ 11

Savov V.M, Bogdanov E.S.,Georgiev Dz.D. Screen asymmetric strip line analysis by the bound

quantities method __________________________________________________________________ 15

Electric energy parameters conversion

Borisov B.P., Zubyuk Yu.P. High-effective electrothermic systems design ______________________ 21

Pyvniyak G.G., Slesarev V.V. Probability parameter simulation of the load-regulator system for

the collieries conditions ______________________________________________________________ 24

Volkov I. V., Kravetz I A. Inducons (inductor-capacitor hybrids) simulation in the rectifier circuits ____ 28

Kyryk V.V, Lipkovsky K.A., Pavlov V.B. Rectified voltage regulator with the molten metal working

medium __________________________________________________________________________ 36

Rudenko T.V., Shevchenko P.N., Yurchenko N.N. Current distribution in a parallel joint of power

transistors at turning off ______________________________________________________________ 39

Artemenko M.E., Takher A.M. Transistor voltage converters synthesis with the given properties_____ 43

Korzhavin O.A. Stability estimation of the single-ended voltage converter with the reverse diode

and biloop current and voltage controlling system___________________________________________47

Electromechanical energy conversion

Popovich N.G., Peresada S.M., Krutonog M.Ja. New algorithm of measuring output adaptive

control of asynchronous electric drive____________________________________________________ 54

Electric energy systems and installations

Stogny B.S., Kirilenko A.V. Integrated information controlling systems of the power industry

installaions__________________________________________________________________________ 61

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Andrievsky E.A., Mazmanjan R..O., Steblin V.S. Alternating current mains supply pulse magneti-
zing system_________________________________________________________________________ 67

Barabanov V.A., Bekbudov R.S. Application of adaptation to the designing of optic elements

positionering compact systems__________________________________________________________ 69

Voloshko A.V., Kotzar O.V. Removal of the instability influence of the network frequency
onto the accuracy of the definition of electric power quality indexes______________________________ 73