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1994, № 3


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Vishtak P.A., Kondratenko I.P., Raschepkin A.P. Induction heating of ferromagnetic band in

longitudinal running magnetic field_______________________________________________________3

Rozov V. Yu., Zautner F.L., Piljugina O.Yu. Calcu­lation of three-phase cables magnetic field_______ 7

Antonenko A.I. Electromagnetic field equations in a cylindrical aerial clearance of a magnetic

conductor accounting a rotating acceleration______________________________________________11

Denisjuk V.P. Modified multiparameter time and spectral windows____________________________ 16

Electric energy parameters conversion

BorisovB.P., Dmitriev D.V. Calculation of dynamic indices of electromagnetic compatibility by

electrical equipment reactions decomposition into inertia processes___________________________ 21

Fediy V.S., Sobolev V.N. Analysis of steady electromagnetic processes in a single-phase valve-

condenser sourse of a reactive power at arbitrary combinations of power scheme and

control parameters__________________________________________________________________ 24

Rudenko T.V., Shevchenko P.N., Yurchenko N.N., TodorenkoV.A. Current distribution

in a parallel joint of power transistors at turning on _________________________________________ 29

Grechko E.N., KisIov A.N., Atroschenko V.A. Synthesis of no-break power supply devices of

autonomous power supply systems ____________________________________________________ 32

Gentkovsky Z. Modern power semiconductor devices _____________________________________ 36

Electromechanical energy conversion

Afonin A.A. Problem of precision high-speed electromechanical systems______________________ 42

Kazansky V.M., Pashko vN.I. Development poten­tial of small electrical machines with ferrofilled

winding structures___________________________________________________________________ 49

Asanbaev V.N., Babjak A.A., Saratov V.A., Striharchuk D.K. Special features of working

conditions and possible directions of efficiency increase of power equipment utilization of sugar

plants_____________________________________________________________________________ 52

Kuchinsky K.A., Fink A.F. Specific losses distribution in active zone of solid rotors of turbine

motors of 12500 kW at starting_________________________________________________________ 56

Electric energy systems and installations

Butkevich A.F., Levitsky V.G. Calculative processes of information forming about disperse

matrices structure at mathematical modelling of electrical power systems_______________________ 62

Slesarev V. V. Problems of program complexes elaboration for power capacitive processes

control in mining industry_______________________________________________________________ 67

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Andrievsky E.A., Mazmanjan R.O., Paliy O.P. Magnetic induction meters for constant

magnetic systems control______________________________________________________________ 72

Demin A.E., Kuznetsov A.V. Choice of measuring channel with optimum parameters for

operation in multifunctional measuring system______________________________________________ 75