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1994, 1


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Zautner F. L„ Peljugena O. Ju., Rozo vV. Ju.The probabilistic method of prediction of the electrical

equipment electromagnetic interferences in low-frequency band________________________________3

Kuznetsov I.Ju., Sorokin A.V. Electromagnetic radiation of the solenoid-operated hydraulic

pulse devices________________________________________________________________________ 6

Electric energy parameters conversion

Senko V. I., Lebedenko S. A., Kalinichenko A. P., Fan Kuok Zoong, Fam Kuang Vmg.

A new algo­rithm of the output voltage pulse-width modulation of the 3-phase self-excited

inverter with neutral point______________________________________________________________ 13

Shidlovskaya N. A. Voltage resonance in the circuit with the nonlinear resistive load 18

Electromechanical energy conversion

Danko V. G., Meleeh V. I., Polyakov I. V. Investigation of magnetic field and of excitation process

of low-inertia linear electric motor________________________________________________________25

Shinkarenko V. F. Classification of the electro-mechanical energy converters in multidimensional

space of symptoms___________________________________________________________________31

Shimberev V. B. Design of universal algorithm and program complex for investigation of electric

machine vibration_____________________________________________________________________36

Lutskiv M. M., Stasenko V. Ј., Shevchuk O. V. Multiterminal models of electromechanical systems___ 39

Bezusy L. G., Vaskovsky Ju. N., Deennik L. N. Transversal magnetic forces in polybar linear

electric motor________________________________________________________________________ 42

Rutcovsky Z. An application of method of circuit equivalent to magnetic loop for calculations of

magnetizing current in 3-phase induction motor with anisotropy core____________________________ 46

Beldy V. T. Regulation of voltage distribution for height of high-voltage instrument transformers

outer insulation_______________________________________________________________________ 50

Dams M. Equivalent circuit of induction two-cage motor for analysis of non-steady processes________ 53

Bichkovska-Lipinska L. Analysis of converter transformer operating conditions____________________ 58

Electric energy systems and installations

Shidlovsky A. K., Korobchoo kK. V. The rise of the part of economical criterion in the Ukrainian

economics management_______________________________________________________________ 64

Kirilenko A. V., Jandoolsky A. S. Integrated information management systems of the power

networks____________________________________________________________________________ 68

Zharkin A. F., Kaplichny N. N. The impact of win­ ding connections of 10/0,4 kV transformer upon

the higher harmonic quantity of low-voltage network__________________________________________ 76