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1995, No 5


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Kuchaev A.A. Electromagnetic field in the induction furnace duct non-wrapped on the core___________ 3

Shakhtakhtinskii T.I. The impact of inhomogeneities caused by the phases of composite dielectrics on

electric strength thereof_______________________________________________________________ 9

Conversion of electric energy parameters

Denisov A.1., Denisov Iu.A. The peculiarities of quasi-resonant converter considered as an element

of closed power supply system___________________________________________________________ 13

Fedii V.S. Multiharmonic active filters on the basis of LC-circuit with reserve commutator in the

capacitor section____________________________________________________________________ 17

Baranov A.N., Glazkov V.G., Puzakova A.V.Selection of the parameters of ripple filters for

direct-voltage pulse converters and self-contained inverter____________________________________ 23

Lutskiv M.M., Tymchenko O.V., Shul'zhyk Iu.O. Discrete systems with equalizer possessing multiple

period of quantization_________________________________________________________________ 29

Electromechanical energy conversion

Afonin A.A. Straight-line electric motor with two running clearances and ferromagnetic inserts_______ 33

Saratov V.A., Cheremisov I.Ia. Synchronous turbogenerator possessing two coaxial

exitation windings_______________________________________________________________________ 37

Lishchenko A.1., Mazurenko L.I. Equations in stator phase coordinates for three-winding

capacitor-exited induction generator______________________________________________________ 40

Antoniuk S.M., Kuchinskii K.A. Study of the magnetic field in air gap of induction turbo-generator

ASTG-200__________________________________________________________________________ 45

Lipkovskii K.A., Chermalykh T.V. Multichannel-master-model combined control system for positional

electric drive_________________________________________________________________________ 49

Lazarev V.I., Soroka M.V. Critical loads of conductor lying-down in transformer windings. "Windings made

from ordinary PB-type wire______________________________________________________________ 56

Electrical power systems and installations

Butkevich A.F., Zozulia A.M., el Azzi A.N. Formal procedure to draw up the calculation circuits

of power networks______________________________________________________________________ 61

Sidorov V.S. The peculiarities of the protection of 110 kV static controlled reactive power

rectifier-sources______________________________________________________________________ 65

Bekbudov R.S. To the synthesis of the subsystems of automatic system sensitive elements

stabilization_____________________________________________________________________________ 69

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Grinevich F.B. Outstanding contribution of the scientific schoolsin Ukraine to the instrument

engineering field_______________________________________________________________________74

Scientific and technical information

International conferences________________________________________________________________76

International conference on ELECTRICAL DRIVES and POWER ELECTRONICS EDPE'96___________ 78