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1995, No 4


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Rosov V.Yu., ZautnerF.L., Piliugina O.Yu. The error in magnetic field measurements caused by the

masses of active materials closely spaced to the source______________________________________ 3

Lupikov V.S., Get'man A.V., Pelevin D.E. The greatest possible field the system of point sources________ 8

Shekhovtsov V.I., Dubodelov V.I., Ilienko O.S., Tsin M.R. Calculation of alternative current

asymmetric distributions in the working area of magnetodynamic pump____________________________ 12

Vishtak P.A., Kondratenko I.P., Rashchepkin A.P. Longitudinal boundary effect in linear induction machine

under changes of the conductivity of secondary body along its length_____________________________ 16

Sianov A.M. Calculation of electromagnetic parameters of inductive resistances by finite

Element method______________________________________________________________________ 21

GladkovV.S., Dem'ianovV.V., Pashchenko A.V. The theory of current interruption in plasma interrupter,

voltage pulse charpener of nanosecond range______________________________________________ 25

Nikitin Iu.V., Babich L.A., Sherman M.I. Analysis of RC(t) distributed intervals________________________ 28

Conversion of electric energy parameters

Sokol E.1. Formation of finite duration processes in semiconducting converters by means of prognostic


Kostin N.A. The ways of creating pulse converters for electrodeposition____________________________36

Voitekh V.A., Isakov V.N. Frequency-controlled low power electric drives on the current source − self-

contained voltage inverter − asynchronous motor system__________________________________________39

Electromechanical energy conversion


Lishchenko A.1. Three-winding capacitor—and rectifier−exited induction generator for self-


contained power units___________________________________________________________________42

Asanbaev V.N., Saratov V.A. Biaxially exited synchronous turbo-generators__________________________45

Mazurenko A.G., Palianichenko I.K., Shulika VA., Meleshchuk V.A. The peculiarities of the operation of

self-contained synchronous reluctance generator in pulse mode with various load feeds________________50

Martynov V.N., Oleinikov A.M. Simulation of current distribution in the mass of two-layer rotor in

asynchronous motor____________________________________________________________________ 54

Tverdiakov V.V., Komleva V.I. Calculation of allowable reactive power of synchronous turbo-

generator with regard to the parameters found experimentally____________________________________ 57

Electric energy systems and installations

Leporskii V.D., Kussul M.E., Ivanitskaia T.V., Sychev A.S. Simulation of neural classifier for the solution

prog­nostic problems in electrical power engineering_____________________________________________ 61

Denisiuk V.P. Simulation of electric load curvesby trigonometric Hermite splines ______________________ 66

Minguan Liu. Evaluation of the deviation number for power lines with single-phase ground fault ___________ 70

Kozarev N.H. Resonant device for locating fault ________________________________________________73

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Grinevich F.B., Kaminskii V.Iu., Gnatenko L.N., Dulia V.V. Complete certification of the

processes of measurement_______________________________________________________________ 77