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1996, No 6



Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Baranov M.1. Approximate boundary conditions for pulse electromagnetic field to the surface

of isotropic conducting bodies_____________________________________________________________ 3

Mostovyak I.V., Novsky V.A. Equivalent circuits with ideal two-ports_____________________________ 11

Pivovarov L.V., Lomko N.A., Pudovkina Z.Ya. Electrodynamic method of gases removal from

liquids and metal melts_________________________________________________________________ 13

Conversion of electric energy parameters

Pivnyak G.G., Vypanasenko S.I. Operation modes of increased frequency current electrical

installations___________________________________________________________________________ 18

Fediy V.S., Sobolev V.N. Initial conditions analysis in RLC-circuit state with reverse commutator in

inductive circuit______________________________________________________________________ 22

Puzakov A.V., Romanets R.A., Khmelev A.J. Optimal control algorithm of decreasing voltage relay

regulator with ladder-type filter__________________________________________________________ 26

Pyanykh B.E., Zhyvotovsky S.A. Low-frequency modulation suppression in direct converters with

automatic control system________________________________________________________________ 32

Shidlovs'ka N.A. Analysis of non-line section of a cable line _______________________________________ 35

Oleschuk V. Direct frequency representation of converter voltage parameters for electric drive ________ 39


Electromechanical energy conversion


Lischenko A.L., Mazurenko L.I., Elizarenko I.M., Dzura A.V. Rectifier capacitive excitation of autunumous asynchronous generators_______________________________________________________________ 45

Volkov A.V. Analysis of induction electric drive starting regimes with inverter frequency converters________ 49

Vishtak P.A., Kondratenko I.P., Raschepkin A.P. Power parameters of three-phase cylindrical inductors___55

Klement'ev A.V. EMF calculation of windings mutual and internal inductances of contactless

concurrent generator____________________________________________________________________ 59

Electrical power systems and installations

Baranov V.L., Baranov G.L., Komarenko E.Yu. System-analog simulation of electric energy objects

by means of graph multicriterion problems solution of linear-fractional programming___________________62

Muzychenko O.D. Personal and partial responsibility of receivers for electric energy quality worsening____ 67

Dzvonkovsky A. Power transformers reliability in industrial installations with a seasonal operation regime__ 73

Abstracts_____________________________________________________________________________ 76

Index of papers in a year 1996 __________________________________________________________ 78