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1996, No 5


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Denisjuk V.P. Electric fields simulation by trigonometric simple splines of two variables___________________ 3

Rudakov V.V. Capacitor design optimizationergy__________________________________________________ 6

Balakirev V.A., GladkovV.S., Sidel'nikov G.L. Electromagnetic pulses forming by aperture aerials_________ 9

Krikunov Yu.V. Electrical component screening of high-voltage power line field by grid screens____________ 14

Conversion of electric energy parameters

Grechko E.N., Lipkovsky K.A. Construction principles of three-phase voltage regulators of modulation type

asynchronous current_________________________________________________________________________18

Arhiereev L.P., Kipensky A V. Alternating voltage group converters with a sectionalized resistive load__________ 23

Gutsaljuk V. Ya. Special features of powerful transistor pulse curr______________________________________ 29

Electromechanical energy conversion

Vishtak P.A., Kondratenko I.P., Raschepkin A.P. Influence of phase current asymmetry of linear

inductor on strip heating uniformity_______________________________________________________________ 33

Volkov A.V. Investigation of asynchronous motor starting regime at self-excited inverter supply with

pulse width output voltage control_______________________________________________________________ 37

Bogoslavsky Yu.M., Do Ngueng Hyng. Adjusting parameters optimization of excitation controller

of' asynchronized turbo-generator in dynamic regimes on the basis of factor analysis_____________________ 43

Voitenko V.A., Nikolenko A.N., ShpiglerL.A., Smotrov E.A. Asynchronous electric drive with vector control___ 46

Babjak A.A., Saratov V.A. Investigations of asynchronous motors damage operating in seasonal

operation conditions_________________________________________________________________________ 49

Electrical power systems and installations

Varetsky Yu.O., Zhurahivsky A.V., Kens Yu.A., Ravlik O.M, Bahor Z.M., Romanishin V.V. Subharmonic

resonance in 35 kV power networks____________________________________________________________ 54

Samotiy V.V., Grytskiv Yu.I. Analysis of ferroresonance conditions of three-phase transformers

considering hysteresis___________________________________________________________________59

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Doluda V.N., Zachepa Yu.A., Shishka V.V. Increase of measurements truth of external alternating

magnetic fields of electrical equipment in industrial noise conditions______________________________________63

Volokhov S.A., Kil'dishev.A.V. Magnetic signatures of a multipole source obtained by cross-section

measuring circuits______________________________________________________________________ 65

Scientific and technical information

Posvyatenko E.K., Voloschenko N.M. Activities of the Highest Attestation Commission of Ukraine in the

field of electrical and power engineering___________________________________________________________ 69

Volkov I.V., Lipkovsky K.O., Khalikov V.A. Special voltage stabilizers for calculative engineering means supply__ 72

Abstracts___________________________________________________________________________________ 74