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1996, No 4


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

A.I. Tamazov. Equations and boundary conditions permiting to solve a problem of corona

discharge transient condition_________________________________________________________ 3

Electric energy parameters conversion

V.S. Fediy, V.N. Sobolev Initial conditions analysis in RLC-circuit steady state with reverse commutator

in a capacitive network ________________________________________________________ 10

A.N. Baranov, V.G. Glazkov, A.V. Puzakov, O.V. Semenova. Spesial features of stabilizing pulse

converters with ladder-type filters_____________________________________________________ 14

S.I. Vypanasenko Power control in electrotechnological installations with a non-

sinusoidal current form_____________________________________________________________ 19

Yu.A. Denisov, A.I. Denisov. Power supply systems stability with different methods of pulse-width


Electromechanical energy conversion

A.A. Afonin, V.V. Grebenikov. Superspeedofresponce electromechanical energy converters___________28

A.P.Verbovoy, P.F. Verbovoy, A.M. Syanov Electromagnetic parameters investigation of massive

ferromagnetic rotors and their modifications _____________________________________________35

V.V. Kuzmin, V.A. Saratov, I.D. Cheremisov. Calculative asynchronous characteristics of 220 MW

power air-cooled turbogenerator________________________________________________________40

Yu.M. Bogoslavsky, Yu.A. Prokofjev, S.L. Tsviliy, Do Nguen Hyng. Collaboration investigations of

synchronous and asynchronous turbogenerator groups within one power station___________________ 44

I.Kryger. Some problems of power saving at induction motors operation___________________________ 48

Electric energy systems and installations

I.V. Volkov, E.Yu. Komarenko, G.L. Baranov, V.L. Baranov, V.V. Tatkovsky. Guarantee-adaptive control of

power station power-generating unit regimes in power system___________________________________55

G.G. Pivnyak, V.V. SIesarev. Construction of mathematical efficiency functions for power

intensive processes supervisory control_______________________________________________61

Yu.I. Kravchenko, V.P. Kuevda, V.G. Olecsenko. Reactive power regulator of capasitor banks____________ 65

Electrical and magnetic measurements

E.A. Andrievsky, R.O. Mazmanyan. Adaptive digital meter of rotation rate________________________ 70

S.A. Volokhov, L.F. Ivleva. Procedure error of magnetic moment measurements_____________________ 72