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1997, 6


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Rezinkina M.M., Knyazev V.V., Rezinkin O.L. Numerical computation of three-dimensional low-frequency

electric fields distribution in conducting hole screens___________________________________________ 3

Chaban V.I., Guschak R.I., Kolkovyi O.V. Vector-potential behaviour of electromagnetic field at two

media boundary__________________________________________________________________________ 7

Baranov M.I. Thermal resistance of uninsulated wires at head-on lightning stroke_____________________ 9

Conversion of electric energy parameters

Fediy V.S. Resonance in a series LC-circuit with a reversal switch in inductive circuit _________________ 16

Skidanov V.M. Method of guaranteed efficiency determination of autonomous transport electric drives

by means of static constants of their components______________________________________________ 21

Nikitin Yu.P., Babich L.A., Pustovoit A.G. Parametrical distributed doubler of harmonic signal frequency__ 28

Electromechanical energy conversion

Lischenko A.I., Mazurenko L.I. Mathematical simulation of asynchronous generators with valve

excitation in phase stator coordinates_______________________________________________________ 31

Vishtak P.A., Kondratenko I.P., Raschepkin A.P. Metal strip heating in linear inductors

with alternating geometric dimensions______________________________________________________ 36

Kuz'min V.V., Grushevsky Yu.S., Rudnitsky L.M. Geometry of wedge and bit of rotor tooth of electric

motor of specific speed_________________________________________________________________ 39

Electrical power systems and installations

Avramenko V.N., Nedzelsky I.S. About mathematical models for stability analysis of power systems____ 43

Muzychenko O.D. Aspects of legal relations solution between supplier and users of electric

energy quality worsening________________________________________________________________ 46

Baran P.M., Kidyba V.P. Construction principles of automatic training systems of on line

control of electric power systems____________________________________________________________ 53

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Lezhoev R.S., Mel'nik V.G., Novik A.I. Multichannel compensative bridge measuring system

for efforts control measurement with variable capacitance differential transducers _____________________ 56

Karpinsky N.P., Mochul'sky V.A., Trembach R.B. Indirect measurements of voltage and

frequency deviations from optimum values in electric lighting network of increased frequency_____________ 61

Iljuhin V.I., Mashnev A.E., Petrov S.V., Shyshka V.V. Duplicated measuring-controlling system__________ 64

Scientific and technical information

Gorislavets Yu.M., Malakhov V.V., Gluhen'ky A.I. The magnetochydrodynamic installation

for production of lead shot________________________________________________________________ 68

Fedorenko G.M., Stovbun V.V. Nuclear power of Japan__________________________________________69

Chronicle, information

In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of N.G. Popovich, professor_____________________________ 73

Abstracts ____________________________________________________________________________ 74

Index of papers in a 1997__________________________________________________________________ 76