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1997, No 4


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

Tcherepin V.T., Ol'hovsky V.L., Petuhov I.S. Optimization of magnetic deflection yoke of

spherotron type mass spectrometer_____________________________________________________ 3

Shahtahtinsky T.I. Influence of electrodes field heterogeneity at electric strength of solid dielectric

depending on macrostructure___________________________________________________________ 7

Pivovarov L.V., Lomko N.A., Bondarenko V.I. Heat conduction flow compensation of a

thermocouple with a liquid arm________________________________________________________ 10

Conversion of electric energy parameters

Sen'ko V.I., Sen'ko E.V., Slobodjan L.R., Yurchenko N.N. Combined application of a three-level

pulse-width modulation algorithms in three-phase inverters with a neutral point ___________________16

Tereschenko T.A. Symmetric conversion of digital functions at finite intervals in power electronics______ 22

Shidlovs'ka N.A., Kravchenko O.P. Load circuit analisys witch non-linearity depens on

current and temperature_____________________________________________________________ 25

Gorbachev M.N. (General equations system of control­lable bridge rectifier _______________________ 29

Electromechanical energy conversion

Afonin A.A., Grebenikov V.V., Tsezhnevsky P. Dishshape motors with axial magnetic field__________ 36

Shumilov Yu.A., Gerasimchuk V.P. Anvestiqation of magnetic vibrodisturbing forces of asynchronous

motor at static frequency converter supply__________________________________________________ 44

Volokhov S.A., Dobrodeyev P.N., Kildishev A.V. Stator magnetic asymmetry effect on external

magnetic field of electric generators________________________________________________________ 48

Bogoslavsky Yu.M., Do Nguen Hyng. Dynamics of synchronous and asynchronous turbogenerators

in a simple power system taking into account turbines control__________________________________ 52

Vas'ko P.P. Two-speed wind-driven electric plant for parallel operation with electric power system______55

Electrical power systems and installations

Rehenberg K. Estimation of insulation service life on the basis of differential-thermographic

investiqation methods__________________________________________________________________60

Electrical and magnetic measurements

Mel'nik V.G., Shvets T.V. Loss tangent meter of a new type of electrical insulating materials_____________ 63

Dunaets B.V. Function transducers with two-level correction____________________________________66

Scientific and tecnical information

Kovalko M.P. General features of power crisis in Ukraine________________________________________ 72

Malafeev S.I., Mamay V.S., Lukov A.Yu., Orlov V.A. Complete device for automatic switches tests_____75

Abstracts____________________________________________________________________________ 78