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1998, 4


IN COMMEMORATION of the 80th anniversary of National Academy of science of Ukraine__________ 3

Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

PODOLTSEV A.D., KUCHERYAVAYA I.N. Mathematical modelling of MHD-processes at a melted

metal stirring in a double work-coil magnetic field___________________________________________ 7

GORISLAVETS Yu.M. Electromagnetic systems of a liquid metal rotary motion for

submerged-resistor induction furnaces__________________________________________________ 12

SIDORETS V.N. Structures ofbifurcational diagrams of an electric arc circuit____________________ 15

BARANOV M.I., BONDINA N.N., BOCHAROV V.A. Non-linear electric-heat problem

simulation for cylindrical isotropic current conductors of electrophysical installations at big pulse

current obtaining____________________________________________________________________ 19

Conversion of electric energy parameters

SHIDLOVSKY A.K., MOSKALENKO G.O., MOSTOVYAK D.I. Conditions for electromagnetic

compatibility circles synthesis of a universal static converter_________________________________ 23

DENISOV Yu.A. Static characteristics of a quasiresonance pulse converter as a stabilizer

controllable element_________________________________________________________________ 26

ZHUIKOV V.Ya., PETERGERYA Yu.S. New idea of control systems construction of electric

energy converters___________________________________________________________________ 33

VYPANASENKO S.I., ATIF MAMUN AVAD Analysis of an output current of a resonance inverter

with a reverse diode__________________________________________________________________38

SCHERBAK Ya.V. Pulsation factor of multicircuit discrete systems of automatic control____________ 41

VOLKOV I.V., GUBAREVICH V.N., SPIRIN V.M. Stability of a current source-electric are system

with a negative incremental resistance___________________________________________________ 43

CHIZHENKO A.I. Analysis of steady-state electromagnetic processes in a single-phase valve

bridge controllable source of reactive power at restricted values of throttle inductance in a rectified

current circuit_______________________________________________________________________ 46

AKIMOV L.V., DOLBNYA V.T., KOLOTILO V.I. Dynamics of a triple-integrating speed of a

subordinate regulation system (SRS) with full and reduced order state observers__________________52

PEREVERZEV A.V., IVASHUTKIN K.E. "Intelligent" module for electric drive of electromagnetic

reduction motor______________________________________________________________________ 63

Electromechanical energy conversion

MAZURENKO L.I. Asynchronous generators with valve converters excitation in stator circuits________ 66

VERBOVOI A.P., VERBOVOI P.F. Inductance factor determination of equivalent windings

of ferromagnetic cores,stscks and screens________________________________________________ 71

BELYI P.N. Moment magnetoelectric motor of disk construction'' _______________________________ 74

Brief reports

CHERNYSHOV N.N. Approximate calculation of constant magnets volume by a required rigidity

of system elements for vibration equipment control__________________________________________ 78

To the memory of Grigoriy Ivanovich Denisenko_____________________________________________ 80