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1999, № 2


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

BARANOV M..I. Skin effect in a hollow conducting isotropic cylinder with an axial pulse magnetic field___3

ZIRKA S..E., MOROZ Yu..I. Magnetic hysteresis simulation on the basis of generalized Madelung

rules (Part 2)_________________________________________________________________________ 7

Conversion of electric energy parameters

ISAKOV V.N, VOITEKH V.A., KRASNOSHAPKA N.D., ISAKOV G.V. Current-frequency control of

asynchronous electric motors of a small and average power__________________________________ 14

NOVSKY V.O., POPOV O.V., MOSTOVJAK D.I. Synthesis of accumulative circuit elements

of a converter with input resistance for electrothermall loads__________________________________ 18

MARCHENKO B.G., FRIZ M.E. Criteria of some dynamic characteristics correspondence of an

analog-to-digital converter to input signal properties _________________________________________ 21

Electromechanical energy conversion

VOITEKH A.A., POPOVICH A.N. Operating characteristics of an asynchronous motor at

non-sinusoidal currents________________________________________________________________ 25

LISCHENKO A.I., MAZURENKO L.I. A calculation method of operating characteristics of an

asynchronous generator with valve excitation by equivalent circuits _____________________________ 28

BORISENKO A.N. Simulation of cylinder powers distribution of a Disel-generator and its rotation

frequency estimation __________________________________________________________________ 33

Electrical power systems and installations

SHIDLOVSKY A.K., KOROBCHUK K.V., DENISEVICH K.B. Power market of Ukraine today

and prospects________________________________________________________________________ 36

SIDOROV A.F. About economic stimulation principles of thermal power stations tabing art in an

automatic frequency and power control of the Interconnected power system of Ukraine______________ 40

BRAIKO V.V., KARASINSKY O.L. Analysis of reproduction methods of electric energy

quality indices_________________________________________________________________________44

KIRILENKO V.M., CHANG VANG THANG Additivity analysis of degradation processes of electrical

insulating materials at complex actions_____________________________________________________50

OLEINIK S.G. Power series expansions at processes investigation in electrical power installations

and systems__________________________________________________________________________ 55

Electrical and magnetic measurements

GRINEVICH F.B., LEZHOEV R.S. Errors analysis of capacitive pickups of linear macrodisplacements

with plane electrodes____________________________________________________________________ 61

BORSCHEV P.I., OBODOVSKY V.D., PEREPECHKIN A.E. Instrument for dielectric characteristics

control of a high-voltage insulation under an operating voltage____________________________________ 65


SIDORCHUK V.E. High-accuracy phase ultrasonics liquid flowmeter_______________________________69

MIROSHNIKOV V.V. Ferroprobe with an increased noise immunity for multielement sensors____________ 74

MELNIK V.G., VASILENKO A.D., LEVITSKYA.S. The electronic balance_____________________________ 77

Scientific and technical information

GNEDOI N.V, MALYARENKO E.E. Methodics questions of power intensity estimation of

some oil-processing products______________________________________________________________ 78