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1999, 1


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

BARABANOVA N.V., EMETS Ju.P. Constructive method of a problem solution about an electric

field forming in a conductor with a cylindrical connection on a boundary__________________________ 3

ROZOV V.Yu., GETMAN A.V., KILDISHEV A.V. Space harmonic analysis of external magnetic field

of extended objects in an extended spheroidal coordinate system_____________________________ 7

BRANSPIZ Yu.A. Magnetic field strength in an operating zone of Ill-shaped electromagnet__________ 12

BARANOV M.I. Electromagnetic effect simulation at a direct lightning stroke into a metal sheathing

of a flying vehicle________________________________________________________________________ 16

ZIRKA S.E., MOROZ Yu.I. Magnetic hysteresis simulation on the basis of generalized Madelung

rules (Part I)_______________________________________________________________________ 22

LUKIN V.V. Statistical characteristics of disturbed directional patterns of multielement arrays_________27

Conversion of electric energy parameters

SCHERBAK Ya.V. Pulse-width converter with PWM of a second kind in asymmetry conditions_________31

VARETSKY Yu.O. Damping elements parameters of thyristor-reactor circuits of static compensators___35

control modes in asynchronous electric drive_______________________________________________ 39

SKIDANOV V.M. The features of control application for transport power converters in a function

of torque, power and acceleration of DC traction motors speed rotation__________________________ 43

KIRIK V.V. Parameters computation of a self-restorable fuse of a multitime action__________________ 45

Electromechanical energy conversion

AFONIN A.A., GREBENIKOV V.V., TSCHEZHNEVSKY P. Special features of magnetoelectric disk

electric motors topology_______________________________________________________________ 50

MARCHENKO B.G., MYSLOVICH M.V. Power-generating units diagnostics theory on rotatable

nodes deviation and its practical application for Diesel-electric generators (part 3)___________________59

ANTONOV A.E., PETUKHOV I.S. Identification of a rotor magnetic field of a two-coordinate electric

motor_____________________________________________________________________________ 64

VERBOVOI A.P., VERBOVOI P.F., SJANOV A.M. Investigation of electromagnetic wave penetration

depth into a massive ferrc magnetic rotor of an asynchronous motor_____________________________ 68

Electrical and magnetic measurements

DUNETS B.V. Errous simulation of measuring function generators with a double-level correction_________ 72
KHOMA V.V. Virtual balancing algorithm of a self-compensating meter of an immittance

components___________________________________________________________________________ 75

Abstracts ______________________________________________________________________________ 80