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2000, No 2


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

FEDORENKO Yu.P. Generation of electromagnetic radiation in ionospheric plasma in the field

of an electric field standing wave__________________________________________________________ 3

ASHUEVA T.G., KIRNOS L.A., SURZHIK T.V., SMIRNOV V.S. Electric heat instability

in a non-uniformity electric field and temperature distribution medium______________________________ 8

KOTENEV F.O., PROHUR M.Z., JAVDOSCHUK V.E. Investigation of non-linear interactions of

electrodynamic, thermophysical and concentration patterns in composite alloys____________________ 11

Conversion of electric energy parameters

CHIZHENKO A.I. Electromagnetic processes analysis in a controllable valve reactive power source with

transformer-capacitor commutation nodes _________________________________________________ 14

CHECHET E.M., SOBOLEV V.N., MIKHAL'SKY V.M. Commutation methods of power switches of

multiphase matrix converters_____________________________________________________________ 20

PAVLOV G.V., OBRUBOV A.V., POKROVSKY M.V. External characteristics of a series-resonant

converter with an operating frequency exceeding a resonance one________________________________ 26

NOVQSELTSEV A.V., ZOSCHENKO A.V. General functions of compensating devices capacitive circuits____ 29

NOVSKY V.A., GOLUBEV V.V., POPOV A.V., SAMKOV A.V. Wide-range transformer-thyristor converters

of an alternating voltage with a vector control for power networks with power-intensive and

non-linear loads_______________________________________________________________________ 30

NAMESTNIK S.G., FEDIY V.S., SOBOLEV V.N. Transient processes in a series RLC-circuit with

a reversal commutator at a high commutation frequency_______________________________________ 37

BUDNIKOV V.N. A constant current traction engine acceleration at minimum losses in an

armature circuit___________________________________________________________________________ 40

Electromechanical energy conversion

SHINKARENKO V.F. Construction principles of evolution classification of electromechanical system

structures______________________________________________________________________________ 45

KONDRATENKO I.P., RASCHEPKIN A.P. Electrical parameters balancing of linear asynchronous

machines. A balanced winding synthesis_____________________________________________________ 49

REKHENBERG K.'Influence of voltage pulsations frequency of a frequency converters on windings

insulation service life of frequency-controlled three-phase asynchronous motors____________________ 56

Electrical power systems and installations

STOGNIY B.S., Sopel M.F., PILIPENKO Yu.V. Analog-to-digital conversion frequency choice at a digital

measurement and lightning and inner surges detection___________________________________________ 59

PRIJMAK M.V. Application of weak-periodic processes for power loads analysis_________________________62

Electrical and magnetic measurements

DUNETS B.V.Realization of virtual components of a measuring facility in the form of resident programs_____ 66

BIDNY M.S., FRIZ M.E. Metrological characteristics of an analog-to-digital conversion of random signals______69


MARUSCHAK Ja.Ju. Synthesis of constant current electromechanical systems regulators by the

method of ageneralized characteristical polynomial______________________________________________72

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of O.V.KIRILENKO, Associate Member of the

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine______________________________________________________78

Abstracts _____________________________________________________________________________________ 79