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2000, No 1


Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

DEGTYAREV V.V. A mathematical model of an external magnetic field of an engineering object __________ 3

LUPIKOV V.S. Increase of the methods efficiency which are used for an electrical equipment external

magnetic field reduction ___________________________________________________________________ 7

BARANOV M.I., BONDINA N.N., KRAVCHENKO V.I. Induced voltages and currents computation

in communication cables at a direct lightning stroke of their sheath________________________________ 14

SINEGLAZOV V.M., MELNICHENKO A.V. A new method of a lightning strike points determination

of an airplane________________________________________________________________________ 18

ZATSEPIN N.N. Vector diagrams of the second and the fourth harmonics of a dynamic magnetic

permeability_________________________________________________________________________ 22

Conversion of electric energy parameters

GRIGORENKO V.V., SINITSKY L.A. Circuits analysis algorithm with time constants big spread__________ 27

NOVSKY V.A. Speed currents balancing in a three-phase four-wire system with non-linear loads________ 31

MOSTOVJAK I.V., MOSTOVJAK D.I. Currents and voltages of storage elements of a converter

with the given input and output instantaneous power____________________________________________ 36

KHALIKOV V.A., MOZHAROVSKY A.G. Probabilistic characteristics of voltage deviations in public use

networks and their metering in digital systems of an alternating voltage control_________________________39

Electromechanical energy conversion

KONDRATENKO I.P., RASCHEPKIN A.P. Electrical parameters balancing of linear asynchronous


MAZURENKO L.I. Trasient processes analysis of an asynchronous valve generator excitation with

a storage battery________________________________________________________________________49

DEGTEV V.G. Invariance of vector diagrams of polyphase windings_________________________________52

KLINGER K. A three-phase asynchronous electric drive with high dynamic properties___________________ 55

Electrical power systems and installations

ZORIN V.V., TSYGANOVA L.N. Universal mathematical models of distributive power networks____________ 59

SIDOROV A.F. About a "rigidity" of a frequency maintenance in the Interconnected power system

of Ukraine________________________________________________________________________________ 62

Electrical and magnetic measurements

KHOMA V.V. Delta-modulation in a parametrical control means of semiconductor structures______________ 65


structure optimization for electric circuits parameters on an alternating current ________________________ 70


PAMPURO V.I. Problems of a power generation modernization efficiency in the conditions of

a transition to the market __________________________________________________________________ 74

In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of G.G. Schastlivy, akademician of the National Academy

of Sciences of Ukraine________________________________________________________________________ 79


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