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2001, No 1


The Ukrainian science — a look into XXI centure

STOGNIY B.S., KIRILENKO O.V., JANDULSKY O.S. Problems and methods of increase

of information provision systems efficiency in power industry____________________________________ 3

Electrodynamics of electrical power devices

PODOLTSEV A.D., KUCHERJAVAJA I.N. Computation of eddy currents and losses in massive

conductors system considering a proximity effect and an external magnetic field influence_____________11

ROSOV V.Yu. Methods of decrease of external magnetic fields of power saturative installations________16

KUCHAEV A.A. A numerical solution algorithm of a tree-dimensional electromagnetic field

for a ladle-furnace installation is considered_________________________________________________21

SHIDLOVSKA N.A., KRAVCHENKO O.P. Accumulator discharge on a non-linear active load__________ 26

Conversion of electric energy parameters

FEDIY V.S., SOBOLEV V.N. Electromagnetic processes in polyphase electric circuits with serial

RLC-circuits and commutators________________________________________________________ 30

ZHEMEROV G.G., KRYLOV D.S. Network currents of sixpulse bridge and equivalent twelve-pulse

controllable rectifiers___________________________________________________________________ 39

VOLKOV A.V. Engine power losses in asynchronous electric drives with AVI-PWM and DFC____________ 44

Electromechanical energy conversion

NOSKO A.A., REZTSOV V.F., SURZHIK T.V. Conditions of electromechanical systems

self-excited oscillations with a non-linear hydromechanical load ________________________________ 51

VYGOVSKY A.V.,VERBOVOI A.P. Induction rheostat heating __________________________________ 55

Electric power systems and installations

LYSIAK G.M. A comparative estimation method of expenses efficiency into power units elements

taking into consideration their reliability indices ______________________________________________ 59

FEDORENKO G.M., SARATOV V.A. Asynchronized turbogenerators and static thyristor

compensators — means of efficiency increase of electric energy generation and transmission___________ 65

CHICHIKALO N.I., ZORI A.A. Expansion of functional possibilities of information-measuring systems

of strength-distorted technological installations_______________________________________________ 69

Electrical and magnetic measurements

KARASINSKY O.L., TESIK Ju. F. Power measurement algorithm orientated on implementation in

microcontrollers________________________________________________________________________ 76