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2002, № 6


Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

PETRUSHENKO-KUBALA I.E., PETRUSHENKO E.I. Integral equations for computation

of three-dimensional distribution of high-frequency currents in electric furnaces for optical glass

cooking considering a surface effect_________________________________________________________ 3

BARANOV M.I., BONDINA N.N., DATSENKO V.P. Mathematical simulation of non-stationary

non-linear electric heat problem for cylindrical current-carrying wires of electrical power plants

of short circuit _______________________________________________________________________ 8

of electric energy parameters

PERESADA S.M., SHAPOVAL I.A. Control of moment and reactive power of asynchronous motor

of a double supply on the basis of indirect vector stabilization of a stator magnetic-flux linkage __________13

YAS'KIV V.I. Mathematical model of a pulse voltage regulator with magnetic switches _________________ 20

KIRIK V.V. Non-traditional constant voltage regulator with application of indistinct control logic ___________ 22

Electromechanical energy conversion

CHABAN V., BILY L., CHABAN O. Mathematical simulation of transient and steady-state processes

of asynchronous motors with deep-bar slots ________________________________________________ 26

VASULIV K.M. Mathematical mpd^Iof,airtqnomous electric energy system on the basis of a

generator with two-three-phase contactless modiilatetfexcite ___________________________________ 31

CHUMAK V.V. Minimum losses optimum jaw of frequency control of asynchronous electric drive

of electric locomotive in draft conditions___________________________________________________ 37

DEGTEV V.G. Narmonic composition of multipgase windings with harmonic structures________________ 43

Electric power systems and installations

VAS'KO P.F., PEKUR P.P. Probabilistic characteristics of a wind-electric plants participation

in maximum load meet of a power system___________________________________________________ 46

VAS'KO V.P. A mathematical model of wind-driven electric plant rotor as a control object on the

bas is of cubic sp-line____________________________________________________________________ 50

KASJANOV G.P., GRIGORIV V.P., HOANG KONG BAO DAM Adaptive short circuits protection_________ 56

SEGEDA M.S., RAVLYK O.M., GRONQSTAL'SKA O.I. Coordination and restriction of currents

of single-phase shortings in power networks of 6—35 kV_________________________________________59

ZHARKIN A.F. Methods of determination of a substitution circuit parameters of a low-voltage

circuit with non-linear loads________________________________________________________________62

Information measuring systems in power engineering

ZVARICH V.N. Systems of vibration diagnostics and electrical power egnipment diagnostics software________66

SHELEPETEN' T.M., KLADNITSKY S.V. Investigations of characteristics of the initiail measuring

current converters by final elements method_____________________________________________________71

INDEX of papers in 2002___________________________________________________________________ 75