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2003, № 6


To 85-th anniversary of the National Academy of Scieces________________________________________ 3

Theoretical electrical engineering and electrophysics

MOROZ Yu.L, ZIRKA S.E., ZASLAVSKY A.M., STOGNIY B.S. Current transformer

simulation in transient and steady states___________________________________________________ 7

STADNIK LP., ZHIL'TSOV A.V. Efficiency increase of magnetostatic fields computation at ferromagnets

presence with infinite magnetic permeability by the method of integral equations reduction to SLAE_______ 12

PANTELYAT M.G. Analysis of axial-symmetrical quasistationary electromagnetic fields with

application of boundary conditions of the third kind___________________________________________ 17

Conversion of electric energy parameters

ZHEMEROV G.G., TYGAI D.V. Network current harmonics of a sixpulse bridge controllable

rectifier caused by load current pulsations___________________________________________________ 21

ZHUIKOV V.Ya., NGUEN LYHAI TUNG Investigation of processes nature in width-pulse converters

at change of load________________________________________________________________________ 25

KHALIKOV V.A., MOZHAROVSKY A.G. Natural switching action at phase voltage adjustment and

pulse character of load, its investigation in MATLAB_____________________________________________ 30

DENISOV Yu A. Subharmonic stability of an electric drive with a manifoldless engine of constant

current and a quasiresonance pulse converter being switched at zero current_______________________36

Electromechanical energy conversion

POPOVICH A.N., SHURUB Yu.V., BIBIK E.V. Determination of a power factor at technical and

economic data improvement of asynchronous electric drives in dynamic modes taking into account

asymmetry____________________________________________________________________________ 42

Electric power systems and installations

ZHARKIN A.F. Simulation and analysis of under-load operation of low voltage networks with

nonlinear using equipment______________________________________________________________ 50

KIDYBA V.P., RAVLYK O.M., SABADASH I.O. Filtration of analog signals in microprocessor

devices of relay protection and automation__________________________________________________ 53

AVRAMENKO V.N. A system failure in power pools of the USA and Canada__________________________56

Information measuring systems in power engineering

GRINEVICH F.B., NOVIK A.I., NEBOLJUBOV E.Yu. A wide range multifrequency universal

bridge for RLC-parameters measurement of circuits___________________________________________ 60


of pulse laser light range finders____________________________________________________________64

MAZMANJAN R.O. About some properties of median conversions of a measuring information_____________70

Scientific information

KUSTOVA N.I. XI An International scientific school-seminar "Physics of pulse discharges in

condensed media"_______________________________________________________________________76

INDEX of papers in 2003____________________________________________________________________77